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Traitor Troubles
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Default Traitor Troubles

Having problems painting my Traitor Guard, to wit: I can't come up with a coherent, simple scheme. Thus, I turn to yoo doodz for help.

They're the Forgeworld Renegade guys if that helps, combined with Cadians. I wanted them to look sort of misused, as it were; not battle-scarred nessecarily but sort of... old and tarnished. But it's notably hard to tarnish leather - and to paint it. SO I need help with that sort of thing. And the only written-in-stone is the shoulderpads in blue, to tie them in with the rest of my army.

No complicated techniques please; although my Mad Skillz are better than some, I can't really do any of that special stuff like 'blending'... or 'shading'... or 'drybrushing' :P

So yeah, help away! Please.

- DC

P.S. if it's any incentive, you'll be seeing pics of them on Sunday/Monday (after my tournament w/Ged), so if you tell me what to do now you'll be immortalized on the Intarwebs! It's a series of tubes!

Yeah, I play WoW. So sue me.
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Default Re: Traitor Troubles

I would suggest painting it all normally, and then maybe a black ink wash? at least get it done normally, and go from there. And just use the basic Cadian scheme, it isnt that over used :P
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Default Re: Traitor Troubles

Originally Posted by the Darkest Claus

No complicated techniques please; although my Mad Skillz are better than some, I can't really do any of that special stuff like 'blending'... or 'shading'... or 'drybrushing' :P
So you weren't kidding about the models you're sending me being badly painted. :P

Really, drybrushing is very simple. Since you mentioned leather I'll give you an example of how to paint some fantastic looking leather with simple drybrushing.

Paint whatever 'leather' areas with scorched brown. Now get a brush not used for detailing but not a tank brush either, something in between. Get some snakebite leather and 'paint' it on a piece of paper until barely any is being left on the paper(as you brush move around on the white paper so you see how much is being left on it) then simply brush it back and forth on the area you've painted scorched brown. Repeat this step with graveyard earth but apply it to the model once even less paint is being left on the paper. This will create a very nice effect on your models.

You can do this with basically any colors you want. It's much easier than doing fine highlights and will give your models a much nicer look with a little effort.

I think with models as nice as forgeworld you should at least give it a try. Once you've got a little practice with it and get the technique down, I promise you'll never go back.
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