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Some Bretonnians
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Default Some Bretonnians

Here is a rank of knights i did for a test scheme. They are painted to match one of two proposed backgrounds for my army. "The Knights of Shame"...think dwarven slayers except knights who have broken their vows and have forsaken all of their titles and whatnots to find a redeeming death. They only ride in black and red and carry no individual heradry.

Here is a very rough test that i am very unsure about but i think it could be kewl. Basically a ghost bretonnian army from Mousilen (sp?) That rises from the glades and swaps and ponds (whatever that Lady Chick thinks is important) to defend it from attackers. The entire army would be painted like this and i think it could look schweet but i have my reserves. Any opinions on methods, additional highlighting, or just ditching the test all together?

(the ink isnt as thick and clunky irl, the pics just make it look that way)


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Default Re: Some Bretonnians

Hey man loving the highlights on the black....
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Default Re: Some Bretonnians

Bret army of the dead like LotR that will look cool plus its a fairly easy paint scheme you should try to make the heraldry on the shields and what not faded and worn
Originally Posted by Raksha
:P Captain Obvious strikes again!
recruit gladiators
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