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The Lord of the Rings
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Default The Lord of the Rings

I'm not sure if there is already a topic on this, but I couldn't find one and thought it was deserving of one. Talk about anything to do with the Strategy Battle Game made by Games Workshop.

I'll start by saying what I have.

1 Ringwraith on Fellbeast
1 Cave Troll w/ Raised Hammer
1 Frodo (putting Ring on)
1 Mumak
6 Haradrim Spearmen
6 Haradrim Bowmen
1 Haradrim Chieftian
16 2nd Age (Last Alliance) Elves
8 2nd Age (Last Alliance) Men of Gondor

I'm also experimenting with making Ents (I have the rules made by Matthew Ward).

You can't really tell right now; but I'm working on building a Goblin Army. I hope, in the long run, to have atleast 2 Cave Trolls, 20 Goblin Archers, 20-30 Goblin Swordsman/Spearmen, 1-2 Goblin Drummers, Durburz, 1-2 Goblin Shaman or Captains, and a Balrog (hopefully w/ Whip).
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Default Re: The Lord of the Rings

I don't play, though I do have some models. They look great

I have picked up some of those Easterlings (Spears and bows)and dwarfs (Great axes, dual axes and bows) and some goblins.

I am trying to get a Gimli though.
I also have some old Hex models, and the maps for them. I had Aragin, Elves, Uruk, Treebeard, the hobbits and Sauron. Sauron kicked ass everytime
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Default Re: The Lord of the Rings

LoTR SBG is the best game GW produces. Even more, you can buy an entire army for 60CAD, or significantly less USD.

Start with a 500pt goblin list. You literally require only two boxes of moria goblins to make it, and some greenstuff. Use all of the spear goblins and bow goblins stock, convert the shield goblins into "Prowlers" (if you don't already have the sourcebook, get it now) by greenstuffing small hoods or cloaks or somesuch to them. Take a few goblins of any kind and convert into captains simply by making them stand out from normal goblins. This can even be as simple a "conversion" as painting their cloth a different colour. Finally, if you want drummers, a drum is incredibly easy to sculpt since it's nothing but a cyllinder with a bit of detail like ropes and a few cuts added, and drumsticks are fashioned from just about anything.

I use this for many of my armies, simply buying two boxes of standard warriors for whatever army I like, then tossing in free conversions. Because of that, I've managed 9 LOTR armies for STILL less than the price of just one of my 40k armies.
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