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Space Hulk modification fun
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Default Space Hulk modification fun

Hello! My brother and I have have recently, by which I mean constantly, been playing Space Hulk. We got kind of bored of always using terminators so instead we made up some rules to use guardsmen! It ended up be incredibly balanced and extremely fun. I'll post up the things we did.

First, we made stats for everything.
We each controlled two teams of 5 guardsmen, so 20 total. Then we also had a high command which I'll explain about.

Guardsmen- roll d3 for close assault, have lasguns
Sergeant- roll d6 for close assault,
Officer- roll 2d6 for close assault

Lasgun/bolt pistol
-rolls 1d6, kills on a 6
-sustained fire

-rolls 1d6, kills on a 6

-rolls 2d6, kills on a 5, 6
-Sustained fire
-If jam is rolled during overwatch, remove the model

Plasma pistol
-rolls 1d6, kills on a 5, 6

-Use template, range 12, hits enemies in room on 4+

Our high command was situated in genestealer territory, and was a ladder-access room. It had two well-armed guards, an unarmed officer, and two dudes with voxes. As long as H.C. was alive, we used blip counters for genestealers. If ever they all died, then genestealers could be built up by the players and revealed wherever they wanted, as the Guard no longer have any radar or communication.

Basically what happened is we had two servitors to get to. My brother ended up losing one guy who blew himself up with a plasmagun in the process of killing a bunch of genestealers. I went to the far objective, and made it! Unfortunately I had but a single guardsman left. This was incredibly fun and I recommend everybody try throwing in fun stuff for their Space Hulk games. ;D
If you're reading this then you've won the game. Congratulations, you're free!
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