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[Space Hulk] Updating 2nd Edition missions to 3rd Edition (help requested)
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Default [Space Hulk] Updating 2nd Edition missions to 3rd Edition (help requested)

So, Space Hulk is out and has been so for almost a fortnight now (for those of us lucky enough to receive it early on pre-order, perhaps longer) and I'm sure people have been playing it to death. However, being the owner of a copy of 2nd Edition (the 1996 release) and the associated White Dwarf and Citadel Journal articles released in its wake detailing additional missions, I thought it might be an idea to update these missions for use with the latest edition of Space Hulk, in the spirit of the Mission XIII rules.

However, several of the older rules have no equivalent in the new ruleset, making updating the missions in a fair manner a bit on the tricky side. I'm hoping that people might be able to help me out with working out new equivalent rules for these tricky parts. Rules listed in green are rules I'm happy with, though I'm very willing to change them if I receive the appropriate feedback, whilst rules listed in red are rules I'm not happy with and would like help and advice on.

Since the rules and maps remain the Intellectual Property of Games Workshop, I am unable to reprint them. However, those people who are in possession of the appropriate books can hopefully use these updated rules to play the older missions under the new rules.


The following are all the places where 2nd Edition missions not already updated for 3rd Edition exist:

2nd Edition Mission Book (12 missions)
UK White Dwarf 197 (rules for Air Ducts, 3 missions)
UK White Dwarf 199 (new board sections, 3 missions)
UK White Dwarf 200 (rules for Space Wolf Wolf Guard, Assault Cannons and Chainfists, 3 missions)
UK White Dwarf 201 (new Gantry board section, 3 missions)
UK White Dwarf 203 (5 missions; the Sword of Halcyon campaign that had been used in GW stores over the previous summer, during the initial game release)
Citadel Journal 25 (rules for Imperial Guard squads, 3 missions)
Citadel Journal 28 (rules for Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields, Captains, alternative rules for Assault Cannons and Chainfists, 1 new mission)
Citadel Journal 34 (rules for a campaign system)
Citadel Journal 36 (rules for weapon swapping, Elite Terminators, Techmarines, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Digilasers, Refractor Field, alternative rules for Captains, Lightning Claws, 4 missions though no maps)

Considering the fan-based nature of the Citadel Journal rules, I'll likely not be tackling them any time soon, but I've left them here in the list for anyone curious and with a large enough collection of older books.


Generic Rules

Space Marine Forces; it seems appropriate, given the missions already updated, that whenever a mission calls for a single squad then Squad Lorenzo should be used (Sergeant with Power Sword and Storm Bolter, Heavy Flamer, three Storm Bolters and Power Fists). If two squads are used in a mission then both Squad Lorenzo (as above) and Squad Gideon (Sergeant with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Assault Cannon, Chainfist and Storm Bolter, two Storm Bolters and Power Fists) should be used. However, for missions where non-full squads are used, it seems unclear how to proceed; I'll look at these in more detail when I get to those particular missions.

Bulkheads; since no pieces nor rules for Bulkheads were included in the new rules, an alternative rule must be included. Since Bulkheads were only used to 'destroy' Genestealer entry points, the following rule seems appropriate: In certain missions, thick bulkheads can be used to seal off the corridors leading to the depths of the hulk, where the Genestealers nest. To do this, a Space Marine standing adjacent to, and facing, a Genestealer entry area (i.e. on the final square, facing off the map) may, at the cost of 1 AP, seal it off. Remove the purple arrow indicating it as a Genestealer entry area; the Genestealer player may no longer place Blips there. Any Genestealer models or Blips currently lurking in that area are removed from play as they are sealed away behind an impassible barrier.

Turn limits; several missions in 2nd Edition required the use of the turn counter on the Mission Status Display. Usually, the Space Marines had a certain number of turns in which to achieve their mission or they'd lose, or they have to survive for a certain number of turns to win the game. The new Mission Status Display does not include a turn counter any more and the only mission that was updated that previously had a turn limit changed the rule; rather than needing to survive 16 turns in Defend (old mission 1:6, new mission X) you now need to survive until the stack of Blips runs out for a second time (which could be anything from 10 to 21 turns, depending on the Genestealer player's usage of Blips). Any thoughts?

First move; in some 2nd Edition missions, the Genestealer player got to move first. Now, the Space Marine player always moves first. I'm unsure whether it would be a big change to allow the Space Marine player to always go first in these specific missions (as per standard 3rd Edition rules) or whether it would be worth disallowing the Space Marine player to do anything in the first turn of that mission (effectively giving the Genestealer player the first move).

Genestealer deployment; under the new rules, Genestealers may only deploy their starting Blips at entry areas. But under 2nd Edition, several missions required you to start with Blips already present on the map, usually in rooms. None of the updated missions required you to have Blips on the board at the start of the game in 2nd Edition. I see no reason why you can't just use the rules given and allow Blips to start on the map in those specified missions.

Specific missions

Where missions are only affected by the Generic Rules listed above they will be skipped.

Space Hulk (1996) Mission Book

Note that all six missions in the Sin of Damnation Campaign have already been updated as missions I-V and X in the Space Hulk (2009) Mission Book.

Spawn of Excretion Campaign (pages 21-33)

Mission 2:2 - Forge Ahead
Casualties: In this mission, the Space Marines must destroy 25 Genestealers before exiting the board. In Exterminate (mission 1.2 in 2nd, mission II in 3rd), which had a similar goal of killing 30 Genestealers, you now simply have to kill the sum total of a modified Blip pile (that totals 36 Genestealers, ignoring any lost through Blip conversion). Unlike Exterminate, you can't simply use a modified Blip pile since the game doesn't end when you reach your total; you still have to escape and can still be killed by the other Genestealers and thus lose the mission. However, if you use the Blip pile as a timer (say that you may only escape after the first time the Blip pile recycles), it seems that you could just hole up by the exit and remain on Guard and Overwatch until the timer ran out and make a quick escape. Also, I dislike the suggestion of using a scrap of paper to note down the number of casualties. Any thoughts?

Mission 2:3 - Regroup
Space Marine Forces; this is one mission where two squads are used but neither of them are at full strength. The squads given would be the equivalent of Lorenzo minus the Heavy Flamer and Gideon minus the Sergeant and a Storm Bolter/Power Fist. Alternatively, it could be interpreted as Gideon minus the Assault Cannon and Lorenzo minus the Sergeant and a Storm Bolter/Power Fist. Should the Space Marine player be given the choice or should he be forced to take only a specific combination (perhaps at random)? Also, might it be an idea to allow the use of Claudio (twin Lightning Claws) in this mission?

Mission 2:5 - Sabotage
Destroying the Damping Controls; Though it states that only Storm Bolter hits can destroy the Damping Controls, should it also be possible for the Assault Cannon and/or close combat attacks to do so too? Would this be too much of a change in balance?

Mission 2:6 - Race Against Time
Turn limit; unlike some other scenarios, the turn limit on this scenario can easily be linked to the Blip pile. At the start of the game the Genestealer player should remove one '2' Blip from the set then make two random Blip piles from the remainder; one must have three Blips in it and the other must have eighteen Blips in it. For the first three turns, the Genestealer player draws one Blip per turn from the smaller pile; once that pile is used up, for any future turns he takes two Blips from the other pile, and the Space Marine starting areas now become Genestealer entry points (replacing the counters appropriately). The Space Marine player must escape before the end of the turn where the second Blip pile runs out (which will be the 12th turn, just like in the initial mission).

Forces; as this is the last mission of this campaign, should the Broodlord be allowed to make an appearance? If so, should the Space Marine player be allowed to swap out one of his models for the Librarian? As missions 2:5 and 2:6 can be played as a mini-campaign, does this mean that the Librarian could also be allowed to be taken in mission 2:5?

Harbinger of Despair Campaign (pages 35-47)

Campaign rules; the Harbinger of Despair campaign is different from the other two campaigns in that campaign rules are included (in so much as if the Space Marine player loses any mission, then the next mission is harder for him as a result). I see no real reason to change any of these campaign rules.

Mission 3:2 - Menace
Genestealer Forces; this mission requires you to use the turn counter, as you only receive reinforcements on turns six through eleven, for some reason. I can't think of a way to do this other than by using scraps of paper to note down the number of turns elapsed.

Mission 3:5 - Annihilate
Forces; this seems like a good mission to add the Broodlord to (as it seems very similar thematically to Mission XI). Again, if this happens, the Space Marines ought to get the Librarian too.

Defilement of Honour campaign - UK White Dwarf 197 (pages 83-89)

Air Ducts; the Air Ducts rules as given hold up well under 3rd Edition rules. The only thing that needs to be clarified is for the change in Heavy Flamer rules; assume that the first square of an Air Vent is a single board section of its own (and thus the Heavy Flamer cannot affect anything beyond the initial square).

Bringer of Sorrow campaign - UK White Dwarf 199 (pages 33-39)

Mission 1 - Pierce the Darkness
Bulkheads; for the first time, Bulkheads are used for a purpose other than to shut off Genestealer entry points. Considering that the mission only requires you to use fifteen of your twenty doors, it's not a hard push to use three of your extra doors as 'bulkheads', counting them as indestructible doors that can be opened.

Fangs of Fenris campaign - UK White Dwarf 200 (pages 73-79)

New weapons; I see no reason to use these outdated weapon rules for Assault Cannons and Chainfists; use the new rules instead.

Wolf Guard; I despise these rules (as they basically say that Wolf Guard Terminators are better than any other Terminator, ever), but I see no reason to disallow them other than my dislike of their inference on the background.

Space Marine Forces; considering that part of the reason that these missions are hard is that the Space Marine forces given have better weapons than a regular squad is. Each squad should consist of a Sergeant with Power Sword and Storm Bolter, an Assault Cannon, a Heavy Flamer, and two Storm Bolters (with two Chainfists, effectively giving a Sergeant's melee bonus, distributed anywhere in the squad). This is unable to be done within the confines of a standard box of Space Hulk. I'm really not sure what to suggest as an alternative, short of saying that you need to go out and buy a box of Terminators.

Duty and Honour campaign - UK White Dwarf 201 (pages 49-55)

The Gantry Room; whilst the Gantry Room rules seem okay, there is a slight issue with regards to how the Heavy Flamer would operate. Considering that the rules state that "there is nothing there to keep the fire burning" it would seem that any Flamer markers would have to be removed at the start of any Genestealer turn. In addition to this, how balanced is it to allow a Heavy Flamer to destroy all models in a 5x5 room (albeit with some squares being impassible)? A little thought needs to go into this one.

Mission 3 - Back From Darkness
Turn limit; the Genestealer player needs to randomly select 6 Blips before the game begins. This is his initial Blip pile. Once this Blip pile has been completely used up, reshuffle all Blips into a new Blip pile and start the destruction of the Hulk as described in the Genestealer Briefing.

Bulkhead; again, use the rules described above in the Bringer of Sorrow campaign for the Bulkhead at the end of the mission (you only use nineteen out of twenty doors, giving you a final one to use as the Bulkhead).

The Fate of The Sword of Halcyon campaign - UK White Dwarf 203 (pages 33-43)

Doors; for some reason, presumably due to the fact that this campaign was initially run in Games Workshop stores where the staff members would have multiple copies of the game available for demonstration purposes, three of the missions of this campaign require the use of twenty-two doors, as opposed to the twenty that came in the box set (both 2nd and 3rd Edition). This means that you will either need to add two more doors or remove two doors from each of these maps.

Mission 1 - Impact
Turn limit; before the game the Genestealer player should select 5 '1' Blips, 4 '2' Blips and 5 '3' Blips and shuffle them to make his Blip pile. The Space Marine player must collect both piles of weapons before the end of the turn when the Blip pile runs out.

Mission 2 - Salvage the Bridge
Turn limit; before the game the Genestealer player should select 4 '1' Blips, 4 '2' Blips and 4 '3' Blips and shuffle them to make his Blip pile. The Space Marine player must repair the computer console before the end of the turn when the Blip pile runs out.

Mission 3 - Shut Down
Turn limit; when the Blip pile runs out for the first time, the Space Marine player has only one more turn to win the game.

Mission 4 - Purify
Turn limit; considering that there is no Blip pile, how can one measure the number of turns taken?

Forces; again, this seems like a perfect mission to use a Broodlord in, which would allow the Librarian to be used too.

Mission 5 - Inner Sanctum
Turn limit; between the turn limit and the number of Blip reinforcements, it's a situation similar to Defend (mission 1:6 or X). Not sure how many Blips to include in the initial pile. Trying to win the mission by the time the Blip pile runs out initially gives only 10 turns but giving it two cycles of the Blip pile gives up to 21 turns (as opposed to the initial 12).

Assault Cannon; in a similar manner to Cleanse & Burn (and as specified in the Mission XIII rules), two Assault Cannon shots or one Heavy Flamer marker shot into one of the objective rooms can be substituted for cleansing the rooms (since that was a 2nd Edition rule for the Heavy Flamers).
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Default Re: Space Hulk; updating 2nd Edition missions to 3rd Edition (help requested)

Haha, I've been doing something very similar! ;D

My projects, however, focus on First Edition Space Hulk... mostly the Genestealer expansion I admit. Maybe we should compile a big thread for updated missions?
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