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Epic Ork invasion box
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Default Epic Ork invasion box

hey,i was with my friend,beated his dark angels up.and his brother got an ork invasion box from a friend,he didnt want it,since my friend dont like orks,hes brother asked me if i wanted it,so i got the ork invasion box for free!.i decided to paint the army up,just for fun,but i want all units to be correct acording to the rules...

so...my question is,how shall i order everything up on the bases? here,i let u know what the box includes:

5 warbikes
10 stormboyz
80 ork boyz
10 gretchins
20 orks with heavy weapons
10 ork wildboyz
5 ork boarboyz
5 ork traktor beams
10 ork madboyz
5 ork standard bearers
5 ork warbosses
10 ork nobz
5 ork war buggies

i want the army correct,if i someday have a reason to play this army in battle

dont show the links with the free rules that are shown,cus they didnt work for me.tell me how i shall set em up on the bases etc

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