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Default Battlefield 40K

Battlefield 40k is a mod for Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142.

It's still WIP but could use a stronger community, as what is there isn't all that great. The beta was already released but the servers were never made for it to be played.

I myself am hoping that the Bf2142 version gets out soon because of this.


Their Forums (Populate it! It's pretty good but they need more players in my honest opinion!)

(feel free to advertise a forum in your sig, Link removed - silk)

If you've played Project reality it's not as realistic (It's 40k :P)

But rather than that it's not a vanilla Battlefield 2 or BF2142 where they just reskin everything and leave it at that.

Keep in mind it's in Beta, but it looks pretty good!!!

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Default Re: Battlefield 40K

interesting, maybe it's time to dust off my BF2 copy and download some mods .
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Default Re: Battlefield 40K

Unfortunately, only the 1942 version is available. While they look good, we'l have a while to wait before we can try them ourselves. Here's a video of what it'll look like, from their testing:


Some other videos there as well, including a cool Piranha demo.
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