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Dawn of War 2 Problems
Old 19 Feb 2009, 20:12   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dawn of War 2 Problems


I consider myself a PRETTY computer savy guy. I've used computers since around 3.1 and have experience with every operating system under the sun. Now, when I installed DOW2 it said it needs to install Steam (fine), then it would install the game (fine) then it would install Games for Windows (fine). Yea.. it didn't install half the stuff easily. Then trying to redeem my pre-order bonus took me opening the Games for Windows program (separate) typing in the number about 4 times (finally worked when I didn't use the Shift button to capitalize the letters). Anyone else have these issues?

Otherwise everything is great thus far. About 4 days into my campaign, already painted Hivefleet Ikeda colors for multi and gave that a go (pretty decent though in my searches I didn't find any games).

Just starting this thread to find out the general community census. THQ site sucks and I had to find all my install problem answers with google.
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Old 19 Feb 2009, 23:52   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dawn of War 2 Problems

You should try the Community Site for Dawn of War 2; more specifically, try the forums there. There have been many, many, many bug reports and installation issues to be had right now, and the game developers are actively asking people to report any problems along with their system specs and DxDiag and such so that they can narrow down the possibilities and quickly patch these problems.
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Old 20 Feb 2009, 00:56   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dawn of War 2 Problems

Awesome advice. Didn't realize that existed... when through the usual THQ rigamarole... Support, game.. NADA.
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Default Re: Dawn of War 2 Problems

uh.. I don't see any issues there in your post :S

I already had Steam installed, so it was just a matter of entering my DoW2 key and installing from the disk, downloading a small update automatically through steam... but it didn't install Games for Windows Live, I had to manually download and install it so that I could access the marketplace to redeem my pre-order bonus. Yes I had an issue typing in that key code but that's because I had two characters swapped =P

Altogether it was a rather smooth installation, no issues for me.
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Default Re: Dawn of War 2 Problems

All went fine for me except having my game a day early so it wouldn't activate ;D

All working now!

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