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Default Oblivion

Is an amazing game, i only tried it because of fallout 3.

And man is this game....addicting.

Argh yet now i am a vampire. i forgot i contracted the disease, and now i want to get rid of it!!!!!

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Default Re: Oblivion

tough luck, the quest to get rid of vampirism is broken(as in 1 out of every 2 times you can't do it). I am a big fan of collecting real estate in Oblivion(whether it be killing people and stealing their house keys or actually paying ). The thieves guild and dark brotherhood are the best guilds for Illegal quests btw (because in oblivion everything fun is illegal ).
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Originally Posted by V
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It's like being totally wasted on drugs, only with no side effects.
eg being arrested for licking a police officer's face trying to find out if they really do taste like snozberrys
It's true!
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Default Re: Oblivion

Meh. Morrowind was better IMO. It's not that Oblivion is a good game, it's just that thinking back, Morrowind's system was a lot more true to a standard RPG. Not only that, but because all conversations were carried out through text, the narrative was a lot better and didn't feel as rushed and compacted.
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Default Re: Oblivion

Originally Posted by Rorschach
Meh. Morrowind was better IMO. It's not that Oblivion is a good game, it's just that thinking back, Morrowind's system was a lot more true to a standard RPG. Not only that, but because all conversations were carried out through text, the narrative was a lot better and didn't feel as rushed and compacted.
The having to roll to hit of Morrowind was one of the major pains in the arse of that game. Im sorry, but there is a point where being a true RPG gets in the way of actually having fun and enjoying the game than getting frustrated when your character doesn't hit the 10 foot high monester 12" away from him. Same goes for casting, especially since Magicka didn't regen. The mechanics in the game were just too harsh to be able to have fun. Even when you had 100% Fatigue, and 200 points of Long blade you still managed to miss a good few times. Hell, take block as a good example as to what im on about - same situation as the long blade example above you didn't block enough times to make it effective.

And as for the text system - it's dead and buried. Having NPCs actually talk is much better. I didn't bother reading half of what was presented to me. But having an NPC actually say stuff to me made me pay attention. Whats a better and more immerisve game - one that requires you to read a load of text? Or an interactive conversation like Mass Effects? Yeah. Text is a step backwards no matter how you cut it.

The story, on the other hand, was much better than Oblivions. Took ages and had an air of epicness to it. Oblivions was just a matter of being some guys lacky.
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Default Re: Oblivion

I admit I enjoyed gameplay more in Oblivion, and I don't mind text or voice overs because on one hand, with text you are less limited with how much dialog you will have (I hear two thirds of the dialog had to be cut from Oblivion) and with a good voice over you are more likely to to be engrossed enough to listen to the whole thing. I'm sure if oblivion didn't keep wasting money on celebs they could have saved some money, but the technology to fit the content on the disc wasn't quite what they needed at the time to spend that money on a ton of voice acting.

And really, in oblivion you have about 20 voices max, and it gets old. So IM not going to be picky and say one makes a better game, right now they each have pros and cons.

The magic did regen as far as I remember in Morrowind. You must have taken The atrinoch (sp). Ok, so maybe I was using that cheat that regens your magica but resting was still an option. And I remember having a pretty dead accurate archery wood elf at one time so I didn't much mind the roll to hit feature.

And I really liked the detect magic item. I think they had more spells in Morrowind. Or at least more fun spells like flying and slow fall. I used to jump miles at a time and survive as a vampire... but vampires broke your character on that game.

Bethesda needs to break out of the same engine they have been using now, I really want to see the next one have better and more fluid character movement. Same goes for Fallout3. Slightly better, but running forward and to the side slightly makes you move in a direction you are not moving. I cant stand to play any of the games outside of first person right now, its breaks the immersion for me.


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Originally Posted by VanderBleek
Bob, you're either a comic genius or just really, really...yeah.
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Default Re: Oblivion

If morrowind had oblivions physics and combat, it would have been the best game ever.
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Default Re: Oblivion

I agree. Beside gameplay, Morrowind was a lot better. More quests, more items and a seemingly bigger world. Plus I found the environment more interesting too.
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