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Uncharted 2
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Default Uncharted 2

Well, IGN recently posted a Uncharted 2 Preview(sometime last week), and danm, the game looks incredible(literally).
"Uncharted 2 is going to drop Nathan Drake(protagonist of Uncharted 1) into a quest to find Marco Polo's fortune. See, after spending about 20 years in the court of Kublai Khan, Marco Polo headed home with 14 ships, more than 600 people, and more treasure than you could shake a stick at. When Polo docked 18 months later, he had one ship and 18 passengers. The explorer, who many accused of telling ridiculous stories, would never speak of what happened during his journey."(IGN)
the game features a cover system much like gears of war's,A free climbing system like Assasins Creed, and Graphics to marvel that of MGS4. The Game also feature's a stealth system and Melee system(like most) For anyone who has played the original Uncharted, You'll know what I'm talking about. A link to the original post on IGN is below, do yourself a favour and try it out , it's pretty amazing stuff :P.

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Default Re: Uncharted 2

I'm still pretty excited for it. Drake's Fortune was pretty amazing, and there's a lot they could do with this one.
I still kinda hope they have multiplayer. It seems like a massive shootout could be very fun.
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