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flames of war rules any good
View Poll Results: are flames of war rules any good? (answere only if you play or have read the rules/ have experience)
Much better than 40k 1 100.00%
slightly better than 40k 0 0%
about the same quality as 40k 0 0%
needs work 0 0%
sucks badly 0 0%
don't even ask, worst rules i've ever read 0 0%
Voters: 1. You may not vote on this poll

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Default flames of war rules any good

Like i said answer only if you play, have read the rules, or have experience with the rules.
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Default Re: flames of war rules any good

Had the rules explained to me last thursday they sounded very fun and much less conflict then 40k (flank shots) Will get you a more definitive answer when I have picked up the starter set and a German tank company next week.

(funny thing during the last few months all of good 40K player in my store have also started playing flames of war. And with me for the demo game was about half of the warhammer group.)
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Default Re: flames of war rules any good

I never actually played this game but it does look kind of neat. However if you are looking for a WWII game that is similar to Warhammer, the Axis and Allies Miniatures are loads of fun. And the rules are pretty simple.
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