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Online Tank games.
Old 26 Jan 2009, 22:18   #1 (permalink)
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Default Online Tank games.

Well I'm remember playing Battle Tanx: Global Assault and wondered...are there any online Tank games? (Please, not the flash ones...)

Does anyone know of any online PC tank games from 2005-current that still have a large gaming base? Something that looks like this


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Old 27 Jan 2009, 00:17   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Online Tank games.

I remember loving a little networked tank game about 15 years ago called Bolo. Man, I spent hours battling across the computer lab with some mates of mine.

There's even a wiki page about it here.
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Default Re: Online Tank games.

I used to play Battle Tanx: Global Assault with my younger brother, till the little sob started having seizures, ruining all the fun.

We always played with max ammo for the weapon special effects.

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Default Re: Online Tank games.

o_O That looks like some POS PS1 game from ancient history.

I had some links to tank games awhile back but now I don't have them.
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Default Re: Online Tank games.

Found it!

BZflag - an old game we uploaded to the school computers ages ago and is probably still up and running

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Default Re: Online Tank games.

There is a game called T-34 VS Tiger that is kind of cool, but that is and actual game not an online one. And it is difficult to figure out how it works at first. Lots of fun noetheless.
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