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Instant Action (new game site)
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Default Instant Action (new game site)

If any of you have some time to kill, I'd recommend signing up on Instant Action. It's a free in-browser multiplayer videogame service that lets you play a wide variety of games. Some of them are good, some are passable, and some are... not so good, but IMO, it's worth it just for the good ones (I mean, it's free).

The site's chief draw is Fallen Empire: legions, a game made by some of the developers of the Tribes FPS games. I've never played tribes, but FE:L is a feck of a lot of fun. It's different from your average FPS game in the fact that it puts a very strong focus on the Jetpack, which leads to the most popular way to kill someone being to shoot a rocket at the ground where they're going to land. It still takes a lot of skill to pull this off, however, and just because this is easiest, doesn't mean other weapons can't be just as effective.

Now, the biggest problem with the game (and the site) are the everpresent and abundant bugs. Sometimes the game will crash, sometimes your mouse will be trapped inside the game screen, and sometimes you won't be able to connect to the game and you won't know why. (in my first FE:L game, I entered a glitched server where everyone was invulnerable.) Still, I havent yet met a problem that couldn't be fixed by closing firefox, and it's still a free site, so bugs are to be expected. Personally though, i think that the good outweighs the bad here (Come on! Jetpacks!)

EDIT: Oh, and some games severely limit your gameplay options by making certain classes unlockable only though 'tokens', which have to be bought with real money. Still, however, Jetpacks! (FE:L is a completely free game, it's only the others that'll cost you anything)
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