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Stern chase
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Default Stern chase

I will enthrall you with the tale of space combat from babylon 5.


G'quonth(unpgrades G'quan) strike cruiser
Var'nic long range destroyer

Earth alliance:
Hyperion class heavy cruiser(epsilon model)
artemis class rail frigate.

the EA rolled up to be the target and the narns gave chase, intially doing some good stern damge to the artemis destroying it's structure(and thrusters!) in the stern.

The artemis managed to evade as a hyperion came screaming in from a random table edge(unfotunately the farthest from where he wanted to be) drawing away the attention of the narns as they moved to engage the new more powerful threat.

Since the artemis was more of a close range brawler and the hyperion had range the narns let the artemis maneuver out of the fight behind some asteroids while moving to engage the hyperion. in the brief exchange the hyperion focused much of it's fire on the smaller Var'nic hoping to achieve a quick kill.

The narns managed to survive the pass and being he more manueverable ships came about and caught the hyperion in a stern chase also tearing off it's aft section. being unable to accelerate the hyperion put it's ship into a pivot and fired as she bore opening up her port, bow and finanly starboard weapons as she spun.

The Var'nic continued to take a pounding suffering reactor damage that nearly destroyed her, she succum to structure damage before that as she joind the G'quonth in running down the hyperon.

The artemis had finally managed to circle around and gave the G'quonth a good pounding as it returned the favor and gave chase.

In persuing the hyperion the G'quonth finally managed to cause her to break up, but was moving at such speed she could not come about to engage the artemis without exhiting the battle area (table edge) and so the game ended(at about turn 18).

A fun little dance of death.









there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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