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Fable 2... dissapointing?
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Default Fable 2... dissapointing?

Ok well I've been playing Fable 2 for the last few days and I gotta say... its a dissapointment. The combat isn't bad and the story is fairly interresting but a lack of a minimap or an ability to manipulate your main map, forced out of the menu everytime you use a potion, eat food or read a book, and the utter lack of any clothing that has even a single piece of armor on it so far are all proving incredibly annoying.

I haven't had a character look so... bad since playing World of Warcraft for petes sack and its not for a lack of funds either. A trick, invest in property as much as you can and then leave the game on with a wired controller in all night. When you wake up in the morning you'll have a ton of cash and just invest that in more property. Right now I'm getting over 10k gold every 5 minutes and last night alone made over a million in gold and that was the first time I'd done that. But even with all the money I could want there's nothing to buy! The weapons are fairly limited and whle they look cool the best clothing I can get makes me feel like a freaking nancy boy and I can't wear anything cooler cause its all evil lookin damnit.

Anyone else found Fable 2 a bit irritating?

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Default Re: Fable 2... dissapointing?

You dont even need to leave it on, you get all the money you earn at once when you turn the game back on.
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Default Re: Fable 2... dissapointing?

the graphics seemed a bit blurry to me and hurt my eyes... also it seemed too easy to get back to being good after going evil.
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Default Re: Fable 2... dissapointing?

Well I liked the game a lot. Of course I didn't do any of the money tricks. I own every piece of property in the game and I did it all fair and square while actually playing the game. Basically I bought the weapon shops in Old Town and Market Square. I used the couple thousand gold that I had and bought as many weapons as I could. Then I took those weapons and sold them to the weapons trader at Fairfax. Since their economy was so good the guy would give me more than they were worth. Example, a 600 Iron Sword cost be me about 366 Gold, and sometimes that would be even better if there was a sale going on. I would take the sword and sell it for 609 gold at Fairfax making a 234 profit. Then I would take that money and invest it in more weapons. Eventually I was making thousands of gold in profit for each exchange) I built up a millon gold and started buying property Then I upped the rent a little and used the money that I was making off the rent to buy more weapons. I now own everything, and have a surpluss of about 3 million gold and a lot of weapons...

However there are some problems with it. I don't think the interaction on xbobx live is as good as it could have been. I hate using the menu for everything like what Vash113 said.

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