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Atlantica Online
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Default Atlantica Online

Just got released this weekend, Ive been playing it a bit. If any of ya'll decide to start, I play as Tyndmyr on the server Macedon.

Basic rundown of the game:
Word: Highly fictionalized(asian/steampunk elements are common) version of current world. Rather large, you can walk from Shanghi to Edinburgh...but I'd reccomend using the teleport system. That'd take forever.

It's free. Apparently they plan to eventually make money by selling pimped versions of gear for real cash, as is common in many asian game. Doesn't really feel like this'd be necessary to play the game, though.

Lots of quest lines, very tied together. Some of them are pretty terribly written though. Oh, and this game takes the long MMO tradition of making chicks almost naked pretty seriously.

Combat system is almost exactly like FFVII. If you haven't played FFVII, go fix that immediately. For the rest of you, this is interesting, as it allows you to build your own party, of up to nine characters(well, you can have more, but you can only take nine into combat) of a variety of classes.

Grouping is still allowed...but expect battles to get very large and complex with a possible 27 people per side. They stay fast, though, thanks to turn timers. PvP is also relatively big, with tournaments being held several times per day.

Decent graphics, but nothing special. If you get wierd flashing models, bump your texture detail up and down until it goes away. Worked for me, anyhow.

They're really trying to pimp this release, giving away lots of prices and stuff(I think the next one is five wiis) to those over level 20 whenever certain milestones are reached. Also, they claim that if you don't like the game by level 50, they'll buy your character off you for $20. To put this in perspective, leveling is about as difficult as it is in wow...perhaps slightly easier. I hit level 20 on my first day of play, without really working too hard at it. It does slow down after that, though, and of course, since you can take part in the tourneys once you hit level 20, and pvp gets relatively little experience, you'll prolly slow down some from that too.

All in all, not bad, fun to play casually for a bit and see if you like it.
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Default Re: Atlantica Online

I've seen it, but now that I've read a review I think I'll go try it.
*Doh!-Nuts DarkWand3r3r Msg Player 04-08-2009 17:51:32
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Default Re: Atlantica Online

I might try it, it'll depend on if I get a chance. I'll keep an eye open for you if I do, though.
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