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New B5 wars batrep EA VS Narn-
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Default New B5 wars batrep EA VS Narn-

Something a bit different.

Broke out my B5 wars stuff again.

This time we opted for a small scout force engagement.

Points-roughly 2,100

The earth alliance side-
.Hyperion-omega patter
.Olympus corvette
.Artemis heavy frigate

The Narn side
.G'Quonth attack cruiser
.Var'Nic long range destroyer
.Dag'kar missile frigate

The engagement was pretty straight forward- short table edge deployment at speed 5 closing.

First shooting of the engagement.(somewhere around turn 3)
the Var' Nic attempted some long range sniping, then accelerated across the EA fleets bow while it's weapons recharged.

The Dag'Kar fired true with it's energy mines and savaged the EA fleet and the G'Quonth follows up with a full battery fire, it would be his only contribution.

This turn saw all the EA fire tear into the G'Quonth tearing it apart with many good hits (especially the railguns ignoring armor).

Turn 4
the Var'Nic continues to accelerate and jam, but still takes enough damage to rip open it's starboard side. while the missile frigate shatters the Hyperion with a torpedo volley

Turn 5
The Var'Nic puts the ship into a pivot and it circles the right most asteroid field, firing off a couple long ranged volleys before it slips out of sight. with horrible accuracy given the range and EA jamming all shots miss. the Dag'Kar has passed behind an ice field and is out of sight. but not before savaging the 2 remaining EA ships with a torpedo volley, rolling true again he savages the corvette.

Turn 6-7
the EA forces close on the Dag'kar which manages to kill the corvette and heavily damage the bow of the Artemis before it is destroyed.

Turn 8
with his maneuver completed the Var'Nic has weapons fully charged and slips in behind the Artemis, unfortunately he cannot make range before the Artemis leaves the battlefield(due to missing thrusters preventing him from making needed maneuvers).

Game ends with EA force fleeing the field through no choice of their own.

MVP of the Narn fleet, as always the little Dag'Kar is the ship of the hour, doing massive damage in rapid succession. and also why it is usually a priority target the moment it shows up on the battlefield.

MVP of the Earth Alliance fleet-
Artemis heavy frigate. heavy armor, decent maneuverability and a good initiative bonus....plus those nasty railguns.



there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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