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Infinity; a Review
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Default Infinity; a Review

Me and the rest of the Anime/Gaming Club at school have finally gotten into Infinity. First off, I absolutely must say something. I know it may not be pleasant for all of you, but it must be said:

Holy Y'xa'uuk Shtlk!!!!

There. Now that I've gotten past the formalities, we can get down to business.

Infinity is a sci-fi skirmish-level wargame, which means you'll most like have 10-15 individual models as an army. Infinity is based on an I-go, you-go play style, similar to 40k with a twist; all of the phases(movement, shooting, CC, etc...) that we have gotten to know, love, and play with are gone. Totally left out. Instead, Infinity uses a "order" method, which means each model you control on the board gives you 1 order. With that order, you can perform various actions(such as move, then shoot, or just flat-out run). Aditionally, there's no restriction to how many orders you could give a single model(meaning you could use only one model to do everything, but that's generally a bad idea because of my next point...)

Infinity is a dangerous game. I don't mean dangerous where you can shrug off bullets except the occasional lucky shot, or even that you only have to worry about dying on your opponent's turn. I mean you can tell your guy to move, and he may be die on your turn. This is because of one of Infinity's more-dynamic mechanics; the Automatic Reaction Order. It's essentially one of Infinity's balancing points. Whenever an enemy model ends its movement where another model can see it, it gets one shot at the model which was dumb enough to have moved. This, too, has no limits except the model taking the shot must be in LoS. So if you move the wrong model, you may well trigger an ARO from the full of the enemy's forces.

However, this, too, doesn't go unchecked. Something unique to Infinity(or that I have seen), is the Face to Face roll. This functions very similar to 40k's combat, except it is applicable to other skills(BS, dodging, and so on). In essence, what it is, is whenever two(or more) models have a conflict, a Face to Face roll is initiated.(ie I tell my guy to move, you get your shot, and I try to shoot back as the second half of the order. The two shooting skills trigger a FtF roll). For a skill to succeed, you must roll under that skill's number with modifiers. However, in a FtF roll, not only do you have to roll under your skill, you must also roll over the roll of your opponent. So if I have a BS of 15(after modifiers), and my opponent has a BS of 9(after modifiers), there's a range of numbers(10-15) where I will succeed unless my opponent rolls a critical(equal to his BS after modifiers. In this case, a 9).

When a critical happens, all hell breaks loose. but in general, it means someone's going to die a very quick death. So, using the above example, I fire a combirifle(3 shots), my opponent answers with a MULTI Sniper Rifle(1 shot as an ARO). I roll a 2, 14, 18. I'm feeling pretty good because even though the 18 missed, if my opponent's sniper rolls over his BS, he's going to be hit twice. If he does make his roll(non critical), he will make 1 roll. Lo and behold, he gets lucky and rolls a 9! My shots are all null and void, and I do not get to roll what amounts to an armor save. Instead, I'm dead. D-E-A-D.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the core rules, without getting into the nitty-gritty(like Camo/Hiding: Total Camo, which lets you write down exactly where you want your guy to pop up, without telling your opponent. Just pop out the paper and place the mini; or Airbourne Deployment, which is comparable to Deep Striking; or hacking). It gives a very, very fluid gameplay, and once you get through your first game of looking up things in the book, it's very intuitive.

Now for the background:
Infinity is very much inspired from science fiction such as Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, as well as Cyberpunk. Simply one look at the models can tell you that(look at the link at the top!). The game is set 1-200 years in the future, where mankind has moved into the stars. There is not open animosity, like in 40k, instead, it's got very much a covert-ops type feel, where officially the factions get along. However, off the books, there are secretive wars going on.
The factions are:
Pan Oceania - Formed mainly of the Oceanic nations(Australia, New Zealand, etc...), they are the biggest hyperpower out there. With the aid of ALEPH(the only AI allowed), they run a multi-starsystem empire. They have some of the best gadgets, and certainly the best TAGs(giant mecha) and Heavy Infantry(power armor), and to an extent, are the most tech-dependent. However, their specialists are mediocre compared to some of the other factions.
Yu Jing - These guys are the ones who would benefit the most from PanO's destruction. They are the second-largest power, second only to the great Hyperpower known as PanO. They are the descendents of the Orient; China, Japan, Korea. In gameplay, they are excellent in close combat, and can surprise you with their Airbourne Deployment units, or their Ninja units with their TO Camouflage.
Haqqislam - I am perhaps the most surprised at these guys. They are middleasterners, but they've been...mangafied. They are not the uncouth, undisciplined, barbaric warmongers 99% of Western culture/games portray them as. And I like it. They are one of the fore-runners in medical technology, and have excellent doctors and an excellent hacker. They are generally swarmy with a few specialists to patch up the wounded. However, they are also a very tactical army.
Ariadna - These are the Scots, the Americans, and the Russian descendents. Funny world, eh? About the only thing they're missing are Canadian Mountees...and proper technology. that's right, they're the only faction without access to giant mecha and powered-armoured infantry. They got their start as a colonization ship(by ship I mean a spacecraft to start populating a planet) going through a (somewhat) routine wormhole. Lo and behold, the hole collapses, and flings the ship far, far beyond where it's supposed to have been taken. Fast forward 100 or so years, and it's found by the rest of humanity; and it's doing well. However, now Ariadna wants to keep its independence. They make up for their lack of technological goodies by using the terrain to its fullest in hit/run tactics.
Nomads - The faction I know the most about, and that I love the most. These guys are the embodiment of cyberpunk. They have the best hackers and crackers you can find(only beaten out by the Combined Army, and the defensive hacker for PanO). They occupy 3 gigantic ships(look at Ariadna for the scale), and are--as their name suggests--wandering human space, trading whatever they can get their hands on, legal or not. In gameplay, they are very much a tech army. They have one of the best hackers in the game, and get some of the best engineers(able to repair drones). Not to mention, they get a Szalamandra TAG!
Combined Army - The only non-human faction, and for all we know, the only non-human faction in the universe. Not too much is known about them at the moment, but they are mean, and we've only seen the very front of a force of them. In gameplay, they are very specialized, but pay for it. In a standard list, they have around 8 models, compared to everyone elses 10-15.

All in all, I wholly approve this game. The rulebook is full-color, the beta(quick-start) rules are free to download, the models are of an excellent calliber, and there is ongoing support for the game(such as a revision of the rulebook coming out, totally downloadable so I don't have to buy the book again...though I probably will buy it though). Thusfar, I've bought the makings of a 200-pt force, and will have to upload the pictures for all to see of my progress.

However, now my bloody stubs of fingers are protesting and asking demanding a break. I will come by and revise this tomorrow into something more readable(it's almost 2am :P)

Linky to downloadable rules
Thats a really nice write up, you've made it sound really interesting. Not bad for 2am +1 - Naieth
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Originally Posted by GeekyGator
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Default Re: Infinity; a Review

I absolutely love infinity
it's a great game and has a great rules set. it can be played at any points level though originally it was designed for 150-300.

The thing that you need to remember at higher points you can still run 10-15 models, so it prevents the game mechanics from breaking down, you just get to take better models that actually directly contribute to the battle instead of a mass of cheap order generators we like to call "cheerleaders" that just stand around and try not to get killed. It also makes it easier for people who play combined army since all thier units are so darn expensive.

A couple things you missed-

1.AROs can be triggered any time a model in LOS of an enemy is activated to commit an order(long or short) it can also be used any time during the execution of that short or long order, not just whent hey end thier order.

As an example a modle is behind the corner of a building and wants to run across the street to the corner of the opposite building. i choose to do a run/run full order and move across the street. say an enemy model has LOS to me and declares an ARO, he can attempt to make his single shot(assuming he does not have total reaction that gives him all his shots) any where along my movement path. which means he will do it in the middle of the road where i am not protected by cover of either building.

This is also a faction you can play. say you want a great doctor but you don't want to play haqqislam. and you really like the look of a pan oceana orc trooper and a yu-jing ninja sniper would be cool to, well you can put them all in one army list via mercenaries. the requirement for SWC/points cost and having a LT are all the same you just choose the 3 human factions you want to play and reduce the ava(availability) of each unit by half, total AVA reduces to 4 and for every 200 points you can take 1 unit that has been reduced from 1 to 0.

This is my 6 model 400 point TAG heavy(this universes equivalent of a tank) mec force. Pan O, Haqq, and yu-jing-
.Guijia lt
.jannisare HMG
.djanbazan HMG
.fulliser (cheeleader)

I am currently building up a 200 point ariadna paratrooper themed list.
.van zant LT
.tank hunter (auto cannon)
.paratrooper HMG
.paratrooper medic
.scout sniper AP sniper rifle

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Default Re: Infinity; a Review

Can you put a scale shot next to some 40k guys? I just would like to know how they size up.
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Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Default Re: Infinity; a Review

Never had the chance to play, but want to.

I made myself a hacker army using the Nomads - just spammed hackers. No real reason beyond the desire to tap into some of the ol' Shadowrun goodness... and to tap into other people's vehicles, obviously.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Infinity; a Review

40k and Infinity both use 28mm, so they'll be the same size(for the infantry in general). The TAGs are going to be a little bigger. I will try to post up some pictures when I get the chance(hopefully tonight, providing my camera/computer cooperate).

This will have to tide you over for now. The cork it's sitting on looks to be about the right size for a base. This features Yu Jing models(same size as prior) with a TAG(should be the same size for most if not all of 'em).

It only means you need to entice your 40k buddies to dip a little into Infinity. Odds are they've heard of it and may be interested, but don't know anyone else near 'em is interested(as was the case in my gaming group). You could try proxying the models before-hand, and it's a good deal for what you pay(you can get a balanced fighting-force for ~USD$50. For the Nomads, you get 3 Alguacils, a Securitate, a Mobile Brigada, and a Zero. IMO, it's also cheaper than 40k. I've got a full fighting force(starter +Interventor +Intruder...so 200 or so points total) for less than USD$90.

Also, be sure you know that a second-edition of sorts has come out; it settles most of the questions about the rules, as well as adds a nice bonus to hackers, doctors and engineers. All of which are available free(though if you wish to buy the rulebook, it's a great buy).
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Originally Posted by GeekyGator
The divide between what gets put up on an art gallery and what gets you thrown in jail is mostly dependent on the quality of the frame, even though both are just as good for fapping.
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