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For Llael! Warmachine 500pts
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Default For Llael! Warmachine 500pts

Yes, my friends, a strange day has arrived. GW has killed their game, for me. With the onset of yet more price increases, and the fanboi-wank that is the travesty of the new marine codex, I have lost just about all interest in Games Workshop.

Been getting into Warmachine, which I sadly say is a much superior set of rules. I don't believe the models are better - some are downright terrible, but as a ruleset goes, its better paced, better planned, and there is no favouring of one race over the others.

Inspired mainly by the artwork for Ashlynn and Di Bray (wimmin with lotsa weapons FTW!) I've decided to go on a mercenary streak, rather than picking a race as such. The army I've planned will represent the forces of Llael (Ashlynn, Di Bray) fighting against the Kador invaders.

Warcaster - Ashlynn d'Elyse

Anastasia Di Bray

Steelhead Halberdiers 1 - Sergeant and 7 Halberdiers

Steelhead Halberdiers 2 - Sergeant and 8 halberdiers.

Mule (Heavy Warjack)

Mule (Heavy Warjack)

Basic plan for the army is for the Steelheads to be my line holders, with Ashlynn in the center to command the line. I think a Mule on each side, slightly behind the halberdiers, as they can arc their massive steam cannon shots over intervening troops, whilst the Steelheads can easily take a charge, and hit back hard enough to threaten 'Jacks.

Anastasia will act on her own, skirting the battle to engage enemy troops - whilst she's an assassin, she is not really gonna go toe to toe with an enemy warcaster, so she can focus on the jucier targets like infantry and enemy support.

My Jacks will primarily engage enemy formations - the critical hit, which can be boosted by Ashlynn's Feat, can send enemy units hit flying in random directions, knocking them to the floor whilst the steelheads move in and despatch them.
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Default Re: For Llael! Warmachine 500pts

Well, this is the fun with Warmachine.

You just take what you thinks looks cool. There. You have an workable army.

Simple as that, and that is the only tip I can give you.
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Default Re: For Llael! Warmachine 500pts

**Insert stereotypical GW fanboi fap-fu rhetoric**

Nah, just kidding.

Been thinking of collecting a Mercenary force myself, since I've already picked up that crazy little grenade throwing chemical weapons gas mask guy.
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