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WANDERER (A RPG my friend made, with me)
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Default WANDERER (A RPG my friend made, with me)

Note: These pictures are not mine. Just usin' em as a referance.


Synopsis & Story
Welcome to Wanderer, a post-apoc Role-playing game (RPG). This game, is supposed to be full of dark humor, action, betrayal, and all that other epic jazz!

The game set in the year 2013. In the year 2012, after the world was in a horrific war to end all wars. The USA got tired of this war and decided, if nothing could be stopped, they would end it. Every nuclear missile in the world was launched without any coordinates. Explosions erupted everywhere. Eventually the fires were silenced. What was left was barley anything. Bands of survivors packed together, scavenging what they could. Mutants crawled from the waste and debris to feast upon what was left. The year 2013 is the beginning of the new world.

To create a character, you are at first given a choice.

You can be yourself in the year 2013, or be a new character.

It doesn't matter which...



Fighter: The melee combat class.

Marksman: Uses sniper rifles, bows, and other ranged weaponry.

Medic: Knows how to heal.

Half-Mutant: People who are half mutants are humans who possess psychic powers.

Engineer: Handy with a wrench.



Suckereye: Big fat blobs covered in eyes and walk on suction cups.

Minotaurs: They resemble the beasts of ancient Greek myth.

Zombies: These are people who went brain-dead after the blast. The radiation made them walking corpses and now they roam (mostly in hordes) and once a victim is bit, they will have 72 hours to find an antidote or become a zombie them self. Thankfully, these mutants are easily dispatched of.

Flyer: These were once flies. They are huge, their mutated wings support bladed scythes, which could cut off a victim's head in a single sweep. They are very large.

Roach: It was always known that cockroaches would survive the apocalypse. These guys are big, tough, and fight in great hordes.



This small farm town in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut was almost completely obliterated by the blasts from the day the world went boom. Fallout drifts through the once tobacco-filled pastures and the heart of the town. The trees of its forests are now entirely dead. And the local High School has been taken over by a clan of Russians calling themselves the Black Tears.

The old capitol of Hartford is now mostly laying in ruins. With mutants running in the streets. It has one Clan living in it. This clan is led by Fatty Mcblackass, a large black man who rules it with an iron fist.

This town has a mall. The entire town is completely infested with mutants. It has many food, supplies and weapons resources.

New York City

Not much is known of this once thriving metropolis.
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Default Re: WANDERER (A RPG my friend made, with me)

Wow... the second city's mayor is really racist IMO. Fatty Mcblack(unappropriate)? That really plays on the stereotype of Lazy Black People.
Originally Posted by The All-father on me
Oh, dear...
Originally Posted by Why So Serious?
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Default Re: WANDERER (A RPG my friend made, with me)

Why does the background of this sound pretty much like Fallout?

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Default Re: WANDERER (A RPG my friend made, with me)

Not entirely sure the point of this... do you want a game to run here? Do you want us to go out and run games with our RPing friends to see how it works?
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: WANDERER (A RPG my friend made, with me)

Originally Posted by Dark Ace Cipher
Wow... the second city is really racist. fatty Mcblackass? that just makes me cry.
Its a bit off-colour, to be honest. Would you mind either changing, or removing it?
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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