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Dawn of War: Soul Storm Discussion.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Dawn of War: Soul Storm Discussion.

I've been on a DoW kick lately playing online with a few of my friends, I play Tau and I'm really weak early game, if I get attacked fairly early I'm done for, if I make it to vehicles I usually win.. I use a lot of scouts in the beginning..

Got any advice on how you start off a map? What's your build order? Any tips or anything you've noticed while playing?
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Default Re: Dawn of War: Soul Storm Discussion.

Well, here's my starting pattern in Dark Crusade, which may or may not work fine in Soulstorm.

Initial builder drone starts on a barracks.
Build 2 stealth suits, then 1 more builder.
Each stealth suit grabs a nearby strategic point.
When the builder arrives, have him make a plasma generator.
When the first builder finishes the barracks, head for the first strategic point, which will be about ready for a listening post.
When the second builder finishes the plasma generator, the second strategic point will be ready.

After that it gets more complicated, as survival against some opponents requires fully souped-up stealth suits as soon as possible (necrons), and some will require kroot to hold off the early attack on your base (orks). For the stealth suit case, get a third builder and second plasma generator out as soon as possible so you can build a Path to Enlightenment.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Dawn of War: Soul Storm Discussion.

Here's my little input:

It depends on the army that your opponent is using. But I usually start with the same build order:

Initial Builder Drone begins Barracks
-Build second drone, followed by two or three Stealthsuits, followed by Jetpack
-Second drone helps finish Barracks while Stealthsuits cap
-Start with either a Fire Warrior squad then Tau Commander (or vice-versa, Tau commander is better for harassment while Fire Warrior squads are better for defending against harassments.)
-On smaller maps, I would opt to hold off on the power generators for another FW squad and vice-versa on larger maps)

Against Orks I may substitute the FW squad for Kroot. Whatever the case may be, buying an early Flamer for Commander is a must. In Soulstorm Stealthsuits have gotten a boost in firepower and make better harassment units than before. Use them to kill early capper units or builders (expecially Chaos heretics since they'll be low on HP from Forced Labor).

Some other tips I've picked up:

At the moment Barracudas are disturbingly powerful (even if they are made of paper) and devoting vehicle construction to two or three of them may not be a bad idea if things are going your way.

Devilfish are infiltrated and do 35.8 dps (around there) to Mon_High armor. With three of these they'll be doing 107 dps, even more than a Broadside! Coupled with a snare trap and the rest of your army, that Bloodthirster might not be around for much longer.

Once you've got a substantial power income going, it's usually smart to invest in a Harbinger, if not for the drone spam then for their sight range. It's larger than a Pathfinder team's (though you don't get detection).

Mont'kau and Kauyon do not translate to 'kill them now' and 'kill them later' despite what anybody says.
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