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DoW Dark Crusade help
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Default DoW Dark Crusade help

not sure if this is in the right place, but here goes:

i've been playing Dark Crusade and have just completed a massive rampage through the Necron base at Thur'Abis. the objective is to use my commander to place a bomb at the marker - the objective description says to guide him there, then 'select your commander and click the icon' to place the bomb. one teencie weencie problem - i can't find the icon to plant the bomb. it seems silly, but can anyone tell me where the darn button is that i'm supposed to press?

thanks in advance

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Default Re: DoW Dark Crusade help

I've encountered this problem as well. The bomb icon should be in your action tray (or whatever they call it), which is box in the lower right corner of your screen and has all of your abilities and commands squared around in it.

The problem comes when your commander has too many abilities, and there's no room left for the bomb in that box. I think I pulled it off by restarting the mission, and then being careful not to upgrade my commander too much, leaving room for the bomb icon. It's a hassle and is more of a bug then anything else, but it only really occurs on particularly upgradable commanders.
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