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Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*
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Default Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*

Oh my god... where have you been all my life?

I simply love this game. It is, quite possibly, the best game I have ever played, ever, in my life (well, alright, on the 360. The best game ever is probably the Ratchet & Clank series). The combat system is great, because if you play it right, you always have a trick up your sleeve. If it's not your fireaxe, then you have the Taser, if not that, then it's your feet of fury. The addicts make for great opponents, as there's just so many ways to fight them. You can simply charge in, or be a sneaky subversive T'auk'cka and try to make them fight eachother (It's often best to do both). The weapons choices are great too, do you want to cave heads in with a sledgehammer? Or would you rather smack them around with a 2X4? Or would you rather go the in-between route with a lead pipe? No-matter where you are, you're never out of options. And the best part, if you're being attacked by the glasses-wearing drugged up gunslinger (It's always the same one), you can simply tazer him, then steal his gun away and either shoot him, or show him the bottom part of your boot.

The plot is... pretty decent actually. Instead of taking the lost-planet approach (Plot? What plot? You're just shooting aliens rejected from the Starship Troopers movie), there actually is a tangible story behind everything. You are detective [firstname] Thomas, investigating a series of murders all tied to a particularily active serial Killer called the Matchmaker. After he aquires your gun and kills two officers with it, you have to solve the mystery yourself. The strange thing is, it appears that the Match Maker might be on the same side you are, and quite possibly is simply an objectivist viligante (I also believe that he might only kill hookers, but that's based on circumstantial evidence in the one crime scene I've seen)

I love this game, the horror aspect of it is... well, nonexistent other than the "oh Shtlk" moment when a druggie appears behind you or pops out of the cieling, but overall, this is a very well made game. I love it. Forget Halo, THIS should be the 360's flagship game.
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Default Re: Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*

I just got the game today because I heard it was really scary. I'm certainly hoping so, it's awesome so far, really atmospheric.
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Default Re: Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*

I played through a good bit of it with my brother, and I have to say I did really like it, or at least what I played of it. I hear that the second one was a load of crap, but this first one I genuinely liked, all except for the last boss, but honestly he wasn't too bad (and he looked incredibly cool too).

All in all, 8/10, which is probably the highest a video game other than Jak 2 or 3 has ever gotten from me.
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Default Re: Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*

Originally Posted by Dak Ralter (Dakari)
The second one is just as good. It has even more horror in it.
I just saw a gameplay video of two, and I have to say it does look half-decent. I like that you can finally use your hands if you have no weapon, instead of having to rely on your feet of flames. The gunplay at the end does make it a little less appealing for me, but overall, it looks good.
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Default Re: Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*

Condemmed is my favorite single player experience for the 360. Bioshock is a close 2nd.

The 1st one is great. Theres a slight delay in the hitting mechanics and you cant hold down the block button. Forensics portion is pretty lame and needed an overhaul. The story grabs you and never lets go, it doesn't answer the most mind boggling questions that surround the game and that adds alot of mystery. One of the later scenes when your fighting SKX in his house is one of the most intense sequences ever in a game.

The 2nd one is even better. This game WILL make you pee yourself. It has the most freakish hallucination scenes ever done in any form of media. They perfected the combat system. The story.... ehhhh its good, has the same nail biting edge of the first, but I think they answer to many of the game's driving questions and dont leave much room for a sequel. When I thought it couldnt get more insane than the SKX fight of the first game, they throw in the most horrific screaming at the top of your lungs at the TV bear chase scenes. The mood is much darker (if that was possible) there are many scenes of torture, and the gore is the most vivid in a videogame ive ever seen. The only real thing I hated was the last level. It looked like a vomited version of combine technology mixed with a lousy shooter. You basically get one gun, with one magazine, that you constantly have to switch out for the same exact gun over and over and over again. The final battle doesnt have that terror like the 1st game and you have this crazy haduken voice thing that was just plain stupid.

I got a feeling the 3rd game will be the BOMB though....itll make a good trilogy.
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Default Re: Condemned: Criminal origins *spoilers*

I thought condemned was a decent game. It was definitely scary, the atmosphere was awesome, the fact of limited guns/ammo was very helpful to add to the suspense. However, the game itself was incredibly easy. Using the Tasor was a super easy was to kill someone - zap 'em, hit 'em a few times, and they're dead. And it recharges fast enough for you to use it quite often.
So I think it could use some balancing and a few changes. I'd probably give it a 7.5/10.
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