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Eh....Soul Calibur 4...
Old 31 Jul 2008, 17:25   #1 (permalink)
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Default Eh....Soul Calibur 4...

To be perfectly honest, I don't like this game.

Story Mode: Prefaced by a paragraph or two of story, then 5 short stages, with a mid-boss and the boss included. Granted, they are followed by fairly cool movies, I loved Amy's ending.

Tower of Lost Souls: Typical Endurance-style gameplay. I've always hated these kinds of things. Pretty much, 60 stories of slaughter, with no health regen in between "stages".

Characters: Wow. There are some REALLY cheap attacks for some people. Like, one time, I was fighting against Cassandra, one of her attacks knocked Vader's health down by half. Fun. Speaking of Vader, he sucks. His attacks are fast, but they don't do enough damage to make them effective. He also lacks any good mid/long range moves.

Character Creation: One of the few redeeming factors, in my opinion. Not only can you make your own characters, you can also edit most of the existing characters. Ever wanted to see Taki in just her underwear? Now you can! With custom characters, you can now change the pitch of their voice, physique and muscilarity (?) and a few other things as well. There are also a bunch of new clothing and armors, along with the new Skill system.

Skill System: Similar in style to DBZ Budokai's Capsules, the Skills are preset abilities that are either inhereted by character, armor, or weapon. Honestly, I don't know much about these yet.

Chronicles of the Sword: Not here! WAHH! I loved this mode, it was just so much fun.

Armor Destruction: Your armor can now be destroyed during battles, allowing your opponent to do more damage to that specific area.

Overall, I'd grant it a 70/100. And that's being generous.
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Default Re: Eh....Soul Calibur 4...

That's disappointing. Soul Caliber 2 will always be my favorite. They didn't make 3 for Xbox, and character creation never hooked me. If I want to create a character, I'll go play WoW or the Sims or Oblivion. I want to use hardcore characters that all aspire for something, and all have potent backstories.
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Default Re: Eh....Soul Calibur 4...

My main gripe with soul calibur is that it is just another beat em up. And to be perfectly honest - they haven't changed since the days of mortal combat. Online play will be dominated by hardcore players that know everymove initmately, meaning it won't be an enjoyable eperience at all unless you lower yourself to their levels. It won't be a matter of having a good spar at the top of your abilities, it will just be someone strining a bunch of easy powerful moves without giving you a chance to breath.

They'll be characters that have a massive advantage over the others (ivy! Im looking at you!) that will be in similar light to red dotted M16s and grenade spam on CoD4, teleporting katana trolls on shadowrun or scrin rushed on C&C 3.

I seriously can't wait for a brawl for the 360.
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