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WoW Help [not playing]
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lonely tau
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Default WoW Help [not playing]


To make a long and overtly emotional story short and easy: my girlfriend wants to make something for her dad in the few weeks he's housebound.

I brought up the idea of making him a WoW cap, like the top of an Ork head or something of that equivalent, and then we got into random WoW things. So I've come to ask you...

What WoW monsters are there that could be created easily via knitting? How about characters? Familiars?

Thanks for all your help with this, and screenshots/piccys would be appreciated too.
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Default Re: WoW Help [not playing]



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Default Re: WoW Help [not playing]

Murlocks might be hard for an amateur to knit... They'd do the trick though if I had to pick one memorable WoW thing.

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