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Default E3!

Now I know that Sony has made all of the videos, trailers, and conferences from E3 available for free download, and I am assuming that Microsoft has done the same. So, what games are you now drooling over and looking forward to?

Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia look AMAZING! Seriously, those of you who haven't seen the gameplay for the new Prince of Persia game need to get on the ball. It's unreal.
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Default Re: E3!

Well, Rock Band 2 and Gears of War 2. But I've been drooling over GoW2 since February, and Rock Band 2 since june.
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Default Re: E3!

Hmm, for 360: Gears 2, Mirror's Edge, Halo Wars, Too Human and FF13 for ages now. E3 didn't really change much for me, except to show off some more trailers for the games I'm already nergasming for.

PoP ain't my thing, but its damn impressive.
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