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Happy Bungie Day Everyone!
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Default Happy Bungie Day Everyone!

Hey guys, its that time of the year again! Today is Bungie's Birthday, and to celebrate, they've released the Halo: Combat Evolved map, Cold Storage, for Halo 3, free of charge! They've also brought out Bungie Day Gamerpics, a Bugie '08 theme for your XBox 360 dashboard, and a ViDoc (Video Documentary) about Bungie Day.

You can find it all by going to your dashboard, scrolling over to the Marketplace, highlighting the "New Arrivals" button, and pressing A (Incase you are weird and don't know which button to press). Make sure you are on the right menu to start with, you should be on the "Games" tab. Go down the list to Halo 3, and all the downloadable items should be there.

A quick overview of Cold Storage, if you haven't seen the Halo: Combat Evolved Version:
Of course it's going to of changed since Halo: CE, but I knew exactly what I was doing as soon as I entered a custom game to explore.
Basically, it's an underground storage facility, where the Forerunners tested on the flood. In one part, there is a tank of what looks like honey, and in that tank there is a Flood Pure form. Fantastic.
There's signs of flood outbreaks all over, like Gravemind infestations, that sort of thing.
Update: I just noticed that theres a Monitor built into the ceiling... you know, like Guilty Spark.
Well, that's all, Happy Bungie Day! And of course, Happy Gaming.

- Ugene
Call me Ugene if you wish! Nuns call me Ugene.
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