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[Review] The World Ends With You - Nintendo DS
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Default [Review] The World Ends With You - Nintendo DS

Game: The World Ends With You
Producer: Square Enix
Developer: Jupiter
Release Date: May 08

The game controls are common, stylus to move, D-pad if you won't want to use the stylus, but the real great thing here is the combat system. Combat takes place on both screens, the bottom screen controlling Neku with the stylus being used to command his "pins" (basically psychic attacks) and the d-pad controlling this partner on the top screen. After every attack, a "light puck" is passed between Neku and his partner. You get bonuses for keeping the puck in motion. However, it's difficult to really fight effectively so I suggest setting your partner to "autoplay" (which means he'll fight on his own.) An enemy will appear on both screens and Neku shares his HP with his partner.
There are other new features, such as eating food to give you a permanent stat bonus and buying your friendship with the shop keepers, which unlocks abilities and more items.
The feature I wish was given more freedom and used more is "imprinting," which is basically forcing thoughts into other people's minds.

Wonderful art style. From the start screen to the static filled "Game Over" screen, it's all well done. It looks to be heavily influenced by graffitti, which just goes along with the modern setting. The cut scenes are set up like one big graphic novel, which is rather nice. I think the one thing I really got a kick from were the "Noise," which took the form of animals.

The game has a brilliant soundtrack, typical of a Square Enix game. That's not a bad thing, in fact, I find it to be refreshing. With so many games pushing graphics, often dropping the ball on sound, it's nice to see a beautiful game with brilliant sound.

You play Neku, a 15 year old loner with spiky hair who wakes up in Shibuya without his memory. Shortly after waking up, he is attacked by "Noise," the enemies you will be fighting the most often. Neku (unwillingly) forms a pact with Shiki, someone Neku at first despises. Later, you learn that you are a "Player" in "The Game." Suprising I'm sure. :P But this "game" is played for your (Neku's) life. You know how there's that whole myth thing about being able to challege Death to one game after you die, and if you win, you live? Well, that's the general basis of this interesting (and surprisingly deep) game.

And now, for Yahtzee's (hilarious) review of the World Ends With You.

This was my first review and I'm sorry bout getting it out so late. I lost the damned thing and just found it today. I really enjoyed the game and writing the review. I hope it was helpful to you and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did.

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