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Classic games: The list
Old 23 Jun 2008, 22:12   #1 (permalink)
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Default Classic games: The list

My beloved Xbox 360 just got the dreaded Red Ring of Doom, so to occupy my gaming time I've decided to go back and play some of the classics I've undoubtedly missed over the years. I've only been gaming since the era or the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube so I've got a large selection of unplayed games to choose from.

So, the reason for me posting this topic is to gather a list of old gems I should get around to playing. Please post with any suggestions! I'm looking for PC games ideally since I'll be able to play them all, but I could also play games on the Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation 2.

So far my list of games that look good are:

Deus Ex
System Shock 2
Baldur's Gate 1/2
Neverwinter Nights
Planescape: Torment
Fallout 1/2

If you hadn't guess I tend to enjoy shooters and RPG's, but I'll try anything once.
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

Relatively cheap games which are entertaining:

*brings out magical blue folder with favorite game CDs*
Sid Meier's Civilization III/IV
Diablo II: LoD
Starcraft: Brood War
Morowind(there are some very good mods for it I'm told...)
Age of Empires
B.O.W.E.P.(Chip's Challenge FTW)
Caeser III
Microsoft Flight Sim.
Mech Warrior IV: Mercinaries

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Burnot 3: Takedown

Star Ocean: 'Til the End of Time

Ogre Battles 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
Turok: Rage Wars
Tau Mercenary Rubric(Deadnight)
Warhammer 40k d10 Edition(Wargamer)
Codex: Farsight Enclaves(me)

Originally Posted by GeekyGator
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Old 24 Jun 2008, 02:37   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

I've been playing since Sega Genesis. Anyone remember that?


Mainly the Sonic games, plus this really cool Helicopter game I can't remember the name of...

Medal of Honor (The original)
Panzer Front (Shooty Tanky goodness)

Star Wars: Battlefront
Dynasty Warriors (Any of them)

Empire Earth
Age of Empires
Battlefield 1942
Civilization III
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Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Old 24 Jun 2008, 02:56   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Classic games: The list


Red Alert 2
Age of Empires 1&2
Railroad Tycoon 2&3
CS, though it'll be hard to find a good server
Unreal Tournament 1999 (The Original)
I'm told Total Annihilation is a must-play
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Old 24 Jun 2008, 03:05   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

Some games if you still have your old X-Box and want something different.

Odd World: Stragers Wrath
Beyond Good and Evil

or PS2:

Zone of the Enders 2
Sly Cooper
Tau, Believe in Our Destiny
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Old 24 Jun 2008, 10:23   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

PS1 or PC:
Oddworld, Abe's Oddyssy and Abe's Exoddus (Yes I know they're both spelled wrong, they're supposed to be).

Zero Wing (duh =P)

AoEII I'd like to throw in in addition to AoE that was mentioned earlier.

Wild Arms on PS1
All the Final Fantasies up to and including IX but not X because X was rubbish and the series went downhill.
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

PC: dungeon keeper
like geeky said total aniliation
But Isn't it funny to think that guard might be able to copy eldar tactics slightly?
You mean "Perform Eldar tactics better than Eldar", right? :P
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

Total Annihilation is one of the greatest PC games of all time. It must be played!

I would also like to add Rome: Total War into the mix.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

lets see...


Doom 3 special edition - includes Doom 1 + 2
Halo combat evolved
Knights of the old republic 1 + 2
Half life 2

PS2 -
Metal gear Solid 1, 2 + 3
Half life
Soul calibur 3

GameCube -
Animal crossing ;D
Super smash bros melee

PC -
Morrowind - get it and I'll give you a ton of mods, some rude some not
Red alert 1 + 2
Half life opposing forces, blue shift etc
Fallout tactics
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Old 24 Jun 2008, 11:25   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Classic games: The list

There can only be ONE game on your list, and it sits on my memorystick right now; Doom

Don't link to download sites genmotty - Silk

Mindyou, the old Command and Conquer games are pretty awesome and so too is Starcraft and Chess. If you get board of them look up Space Invaders or PACman on the internet and failing all that get a book. Entertainment doesn't have to interact with you...

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