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Prince August review
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Default Prince August review

Hello folks!

Prince August is a miniature company, that has links to many different styles of miniatures, and some of their branches are sadly out of production.

After much consideration, a friend and I placed an order. The shipping was expensive on first impression. The models do not cost too much (A pack of eighty, which is two sets of 40, each set a different army) was around fifty dollars (around half of which was the shipping!) But we added stuff to it (A squad of 7 or 8 'elite' people each, plus a few 'leader' models each.) and it came to around 40 dollars each (80, but 50/50)

Now, the thing with their service is, is that it is so good you cant make any mistakes. I accidently added the wrong 'box' to the basket, and when I e-mailed them the following day they had already sent the shipment and couldn't change it.

The shipping took six days (Maybe five, since I didn't check the mail the one day...) and was amazed when the huge parcel arrived. The shipment must have been the equivelent of British priority mail, since I live in Canada. Orders from Canada to Canada that I have done before have taken 2-3 weeks!

Any e-mails sent to them were responded to either same or next day. I will be shopping from them again!

Shipping: 9/10
Models: 7/10 (Pictures were not great, but the models are still fine for the cost.)
Price 8/10

Total: 8/10

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Default Re: Prince August review

Hmmm, looks interesting, will have to check it out when I get access to a Credit Card. What does it play like? Assuming you've played a game or two. WHats the rules like? Did you buy the rules? Are they good quality mini's? Metal or plastic? Assembled/unassembled? Painted/Unpainted?


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Default Re: Prince August review

compared to gw models, rather fair for what you pay for.

but it leaves little to customization, so you really got to know what your getting into before you get into it.

but for 80 miniatures, this deal was unreal (thank you for the tip) I am considering making a daemon hunter army to play with this influx of inducted guard, and storm troopers.

and height for height they are equivalent to a imperial guard soldier...which is a plus.

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Default Re: Prince August review

Man i haven't seen those mini's since I started miniature painting ten years ago!
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Its a sport...
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Default Re: Prince August review

The set of eighty is all plastic (or similar?) and other sets are metal, you just need to look at the pictures.

I only bought the models, not the rules. The models will be used for either warhammer or the game that some friends and I are playing.

They come unpainted and unassembled. Assembly is rather... simple. The bodies are all one piece, and you stick them to the base, stick on the head and gun and your done, essentially. Most metals are either in one large with a couple small or just one piece.
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