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The Jak Series
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lonely tau
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Default The Jak Series

Heya all,

If you remember to a really long time ago, before the PS3 was even conceived as a joke and a Gamecube was pretty awesome, you remember the Playstation 2? If you got the PS2 set, you'd get two games with it, being Jak and Daxter, and Gran Turismo 3 (I think...I didn't pay much attention to it :P) along with a controller.

I remember my brother and I taking about a month to beat Jack and Daxter (only being able to play 1 day of the week, and even then not most of it kinda' lengthens the time it takes to beat :P). So we thought it was a cool game, and hooah and everything. But then...came a sequel!

In the sequel, you were in a Sci-Fi universe where you were all bad-ass and ran around with a gun to shoot things. This game took a while to beat, and after we did we played the game again :P And even after that there was another game!

Jak 3, the end of the Jak series. Currently I'm playing this game again for the 3rd time since I got it, and I must say I'm still enjoying it :P

So, my question to you all, did any of you guys really enjoy the Jak series? It seems like it kinda' went unnoticed by most people because of all of the other games out there, so I just wanted to check and see what everyone else thought.
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Default Re: The Jak Series

My cousin has all of them, When I lived with him, I was the one who managed to beat the first one ^-^, when the second one came out it took us a while to beat, but by the time the third had come out, I'd moved away, He got it for christmas and beat it in a day. :sadnshocked:
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Default Re: The Jak Series

I loved this series! Well, overall liked... The first one was fun when it came out, but in retrospect was just like lot of other platformers. The exception being the amazing amount of different types of jumps Jak could perform, which I liked :P. The second one, definitely much cooler, with an actual storyline, but there were still problems. The third, on the other hand, was FANTASTIC. I loved every bit of the storyline, the characters, the action, the platforming, the bosses, the guns, the powers, the hovercars (the Hellcat especially), and most of all the Hoverboard! The Hoverboard=Beast. The racing one--no. Not at all. I also didn't really enjoy Daxter. But the trilogy was pretty great... I still pop in Jak 3 when I get a chance. It just wasn't as good as Ratchet & Clank .
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Default Re: The Jak Series

I thought the series was pretty good, but the third was just a bit long for my tastes.
And also, there were never enough guns.

Of course, having at least played (if not owned) all ratchet & clank games to date, may explain my weaponry addiction. :P
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