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dawn of war
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Kroot Warrior
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Default dawn of war

it was awsome when i was playing dawn of war,I was playing as eldar on a 4 on 4 battle i assulted the orks and they had a huge mobs and my eldar demolished them.

woops!, i forgot, has anyone done this in a real game before, moving a ton of guys ino one position, and killing every thing?
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Default Re: dawn of war

Uhm, okay, kinda pointless post...

But well, it's a really good game.

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Default Re: dawn of war

Uhhh yeah. Ok cool. BTW there is a board for video games. Handily it's called Other Games. You should try posting something like this there next time
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That's what the new Space Marine codex relates to. Grilled puppies.

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