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Nightmares guid to Oblivion
Closed Thread
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Default Nightmares guid to Oblivion

I tohugh i might as well post this up. i want to share knowlege about the game, and i thought it would be interesting read for any begginers. Older players should know loads already.

As with every story i shall start at teh beggining....


The question you should ask yourself at the start of the game is this:

What type of charachter should i play?

I can offer a fair few broad options for you, but it all comes down to this:

do you wish to play the game, or enjoy the game?

The options you choose at the start of the game are very important for two reasons: 1- means the enemies will level as your combat skills level, and you will get more enjoyment out of the game if you choose the right thing options (some of the skills, such as lockpick are over ridden with items)
* * * * Anywho, on with them there categories, these of coarse aren't entirely balanced by anymeans, but give an interesting perspective to the game:


The basic class, the one that shoves a sword in your opponents face and does it again and again. These charachters are fine for begginers, but begin to wear away after a few hours of play. Trust me. I played Morrowind for a few hundred hours with one of these, and it becomes repetitive. However, you do gain the chance of being ale to slaughter whatever you wish. I have only ever played this charachter once.

Recomended race: orc, nord, redguard, imperial (rather obvious!)

Recomended abilities:
1- blade/blunt
2- block
3- armourer
4- heavy armour
5- athletics
6- acrobatics
7- one of your choosing, but i recomend restoration.

fairly simple set up for a fairly simple minded charachter. Hack slash, block, repeat. Nothing to it. The only drawback is when your doing the quests and need to raise disposistion - but bribes solve that. Star signs are either the warrior, or the antronach.


Fire flame! ice! raising the dead, and magical duels are brilliant in this installment of the game and are actually possible for xbox owners! (on morrowind you had to cycle through your spells, disrupting the game) Just make sure you take restoration and destruction in equal measure and you will go far!

Recomended skills:
1- destruction
2- restoration
3- alteration
4- alchemy
5- blade
6- Athletics
7- your choice, recomend and armour though.

With mages your stuck with a problem: how to raise intelligence. mysticism can only really be used in magical fihts, and so doesn't ge tused much at the first few level, and you waste time cantripping it. Conjuration will get you arrested if you cantrip it in the wrong places. But alchemy is your saving grace, its raised VERY quickly, so quickly you may not even want it as a major skill (because you will leve TOO quickly, not good as the enemies will level with you, and your destructive spell won't!). Now then star signs. The antronach offers the largest bonus, but no magicka regen. Leave it for the warrior mages. The apprentice IS a good choice if your a breton, when combined with mysticism the negative modifiers from the sign become minor hicups. And if you want the sae road o with the mage.

If you fancy i little challenge then become one of these little things! the challenge is finding the correct balance between mage and warrior. So a bit of attention, and maybe training, will be needed to stop him/her from developing into one specific type (if you do find that happening, start again and choose mage or warrior). I would, if your feeling too challenged, steer towards the warrior side of you as you can cantrip your way to success with mageness. the ideal race for this is a Dark elf, but really, any can be used for any class really (hell, im a dark elf assassin!), the game sems to have taken on board the sandbox mode even more than last time!

1- blade/blunt
2- destruction
3- restoration
4- an armour
5- athletics (pretty much all classes should choose this as it constantly levels by running/walking)
6- acrobatics
7- Alchemy or conjuration.

As i said before, make sure you concetrate on both halfs of your charahcter. Not much more to say really, its just a slightly more complecated warrior. Star sign? oh yes, the antronach. done. Means you don't have to worry as much boutleveling your intelligence.

my favourite charachter (aside from my sage). Sneaking around, killing whoever, the ability to do whateve you want! I have two pieces of advise to give you for the charachter: stay away from armour (keep yourself light) meaning you cna sneak quicker, and out of teh way of the person thats moving towards you. And carry a VERY powerful sword. You know that 6x Multiplyer you get from apprentive sneak attacks? it also applies to you poison and enchantment. Insta-gib on oblivion! just give a shortsword a massive enchantment (i have 40 damage health), and a decent poison. You can take down anything. feeling dirty yet?

Recommended skills:
1- sneak
2- acrobatics
3- athletics
4- blade
5- destruction/ illusion
6- marksman
7- Alchemy

this is what i have. Neve rmet anyting that i can't kill in one or two swipes (if your quick enough and with high sneak up can get a double shot in!). You just need to make sure you get that massive enchantment. also means that you can use whatever the hell you wnat for a sword. Whichever looks coolest really. (but stay away from low level items, they don't hold enough charge). And you may wish to invest in becoming a necromancer for black soul gems to feed your thirsty weapon. Also, grab two other knives just for killing the lower level things. And put a sligh sting on them, just to be safe (preferably paralyze on one and damge endurance on the other) Also, if you have enough time and grand soul gems, i recommend grabing a big weapon! an akavari dai katana with a large enchantment. Just in case thigsa go nasty. but then again, using destruction and running away also works! And see if you cna get paralyze on your bow. Looks like your going to need those soul gems! so get all that you see, even if they are at petty level. Any race can be a assassin/ theif. And the theif star sign is recommended. Also grab the skeleton key form the nocturnla shrine, its just north of layawin, about halfway p the river.

Longer than i expected....

This is quite possibly the most peculiar and fun charachter i have ever played! No offensive stuff, no harming tactics. If you ever get bored of burning and maiming (yeah, it happens. Its called 300+ hours of play time!) then give this charachter a try. It all resolves around Illusion, restoration and speechcraft. Illusion ahs two nifty little spells for countering those bandits, but only one for monsters. Paralisis and charm (or even calm). Use paralisis to hold and run away from anything that isn't human (or calm, if you get it high enough), and then use charm to raise the disposistion of the bandits (their disposistion is further raised by you speechcraft) and then yeild to them. Granted this doesn't work too well against massed bandits, but paralysis will! And have a long lasting, large amount rstoration spell so their attacks are almost instantly healed. And ignore armour, i never bothered with the stuff, but if wading into combat wearing robes doesn't take your fancy (you shouldn't be wading anyways!) then get some heavy armour training.

Recomended skills:
1- restoration
2- athletics
3- illusion
4- mercantile
5- speechcraft
6- alchemy
7- Alteration

Thats all really for classes, everythig else seems to mingle with each other(ie. a monk is a mage with a few sage stuff)

A few to try:
A hunter/ fisheman
Necromancer (just a mage with conjuration)
martial artist
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

Things to consider

this is importatant. These are the things that are gonig to make or break your game.

Strange huh? its an Rpg. But wheres the EXP? Each time you perform an action (that actually does something, like hitting soemone with a sword increases blade, but hitting thin air doesn't) the experience goes to the skill level. 10 skill increasses (at least i think it still is?) means you can level up, with bonuses to you main stats. Uses of a skill gives an increase to the increase when you level up. If you use, for example, acrobatics and increase it, then you speed modifier when you level will grow.

Basic stuff...

Now then, theres many a guid on this fickle invention known a the internet that tells you the best way to level. Im just going to say one thing:

"don't let the easy skills run away with you"

For example, you may recall the alchemy quote for mages in the first bit. This skill levels at an alarming speed. If you don't keep it in check then you will simply level too fast, and that will mean that the enemies in the game will level with you, whilst your offensive capabilites (and defensive for that matter) will stay low.

do i need to spell it out to ya?

You will get battered!

simply put. keep a tight hold on the skills to make sure you don't.

But this knowlege should only be kept to mind when you take the fast leveling skills as a major skill. Fancy having high alchemy? then don't take it as a major skill! did some working out, and from level 5-10 you need a measly amount of potions made. somethig like 12.

If you don't fancy takling the games nasty monsters (all hail land dregh!) then take skills that you are never going to use, or use rareley, you will never level up. But neither will your enemies.


if your wanting a change of pace, give vampirism a chance. it can lead to nasty results if you miss time things with the sun (but i think fire resistance actually helps) but you gain a large amount of boosted stats. combine said stats with high levels, enchantments, the book of marag (or whatever its called) and guild bonuses, and you can generate a rather impressive charahcter. the down side, as grimey found out, is that people begin to notice that your a vampire after a few days. Not good. But tehn again you ain large skills. The solution? feat on your guildmates blood! it reverts you back to the start of your vampirism (not before you got it mind) and your looks are not taht much of a vampire.

the cure for vampirism is also worthy of a note. Just not here.

I would give you more advice about being a vampire, but theres this:

A glitch, when you save and restart your xbox (dunno 'bout pc) then your charachter looks like he/she has been slapped with a slaughterfishes rear end. Not good. And me being the vain type i couldn't stand seeing my half-naked female assassin looking like a bad cross of a tyranid and father nurgle.

Now then, for all you budding mages, battlemages and necromancers (as well as those poking their toes into the water) i have one all mighty ass saving word to save your bacon if things you tits up:


what is cantrip? casting and re-casting... over and over again! even though you are not using the spell directly against something it still gives your skill exp! Nice if you get behind, or if you wish to watch TV, just get a low level spell (1 point of whatever) and repeatedly use cast. But watch out though! remember my leveling advice!

you can also cantrip other things. Acrobatics, athletics and sneak. For athletics just run into a wall and wedge the controller in place, for sneak do the same, but in rufios room (walk along the road north from bravil to the inn of ill omen). With acrobaics, hit jump repeatedly. A mate of mine made a device to regulary hit buttons, but your going to have to do it manually.


Unlimited potions
Get your alchemy up to 100. Buy rosethorn manor in skingrad, but kitchen quaters, and servents quaters, get the servent. She will give you an unlimited supply of shepherds pies. Make tpotions till your your hearts content. Sell them all!

Remember the sneaking bonus!
The sneking bonus. How i love it! Grab a weapon, a decent one, enchant weakness to fire and fire damage on them as much as you can. Sneak up, attack with that 6x modifier, and watch it apply to both enchantments. Nice.

Use shadowmare as a pack mule
get shadowmare from the asassins guild quests, know it out. before she gets up, activate her and store things that are just dead weights. And she doesn't even slow down!

raid farms for ingredients
wanting to raise alchemy quickly? go do the farms outside (and in) skingrad, and all over the game. Most farming ingredients are for fatigue.

Gt good in illusion. Get hold of a high level frenzy spell. cast at the nearest person you don't like, and let tehm hack you. Watch the guards do all of your dirty work
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

A few LVLing tricks, magic combos, and cheats.

5,5,5 Lvling. This is the fastest you can lvl your stats, 3 skills each getting a +% bonus. Easiest way, get a peice of paper and each time you LVL right down what all your stats are at. When your about to lvl again, make sure each stat has at least 10 skill points going towards it so you get a +5.

Endurance. This is by far the most important stat early in the game. Your health is determined like so. Endx2 + 1/10end per lvl up. So lets say your endurance is 45 at lvl 1. So you have 90 health. Now you get a +5 to your end when you go to lvl 2. Your health is no 105, 50(new end)x2+5(1/10 of 50)=105. I've tested it myself. At lvl 3 if you get another +5 you'll be at 120 health. If you didn't raise your endurace at all you would have 94 at lvl2, and 98 at lvl 3. 120 vs 98... hmmm. And the benefits just keep rising as you do it.

Tricks to raising endurance. First make sure block, heavy armor, and armorer are minor stats. Don't worry you'll be raising them pretty wuick over your first 10 lvls. At each lvl up go train in armorer 5 lvls, you can do this at the Imperial City's weapon shop, Chorral and a few other places. Then put on some heavy armor and a shield and go fight weak enemies(or strong enemies with the settings down) and just let them hit you till your end related stats have risen those other 5 points. Since you keep getting hit its a great way to raise restoration.

Cheats: If you don't want cheats just skip down to useful spells.

Dupe Cheat. you can dopy any item like so. Now the update fixed the old dupe cheat but it can still be done.
supplies: item to be duped, arrows, bow
1) ready your bow with an arrow
2) pull back the string
3) before the string is all the way back go into your inventory
4) click on whatever arrows your using 2-3 times, it'll keep saying something about can't switch weapons while attacking
5) drop whatever item you want to duplicate
6) leave your inventory

The arrow will fire and copy whatever item you dropped by the # of arrows you have. Don't try to copy to many of something though, your computer, 360 might not be able to handle it. Also some things are worse about making your system lag than others. For instance duping harrada will make your system lag quite a bit.

Bound Armor&Weapons: You can create permament bound armor and weapons, not only are they extremely good armor, but they always cost 1 gold to repair no matter how badly dmged they are, even if they are enchanted.
Supplied: Bound spells or one of the magic rocks that summons armor, repair hammer, an enemy who uses physical attacks.

Using magic stones
1) use the stone so you get magic armor+weapon
2) hunt down an enemy
3) let them hit you till your bound armor is dmged
4)use bound weapon to kill them
5)repair armor&weapon
6)drop armor& weapon
7) wait for the spell to wear off or cast dispel on self
8) pick up your new permament bound armor and weapon

Using a spell
1) find an enemy
2) cast spell
3) make sure the weapon/armor gets dmged
4) kill enemy
5) repair armor/weapon
6) drop armor/weapon
7) wait for the spell to wear off or cast dispel on self
8) pick up your new permament bound armor/weapon

Permament effects of special items(theres a way to make permament effects of any items but its way to powerful, would make the game boring). This version only works on quest items... hence items you can equip on yourself(weapons no included) and can't drop. So the gray cowl, necromancer's amulet and many more are included. Having the first be permament can be a bad thing, the second on the other hand, well who doesn't like 130+ magicka.
supplies: special quest item

1) equip item
2) punch a guard in the face
3) choose jail
4)check your active magic page, whatever quest item was effecting you's effects are now still effecting you but the item is not in your posession.
5) wait till your released or escape, I prefer the later, just make sure to get your stuff back

Useful spells: Make all of these spells as soon as you get a working spell making alter(either by buying one at frostcraig spire, or by joining the mages guild). You'll need at least a 25 in the apporiate magic school for most of these spells, but most mages should have at least a 25.

Luck: Luck 100pts/2secs, cast this right as you enter any new dungeon or area in a dungeon. All the items in the chests will be slightly better, and items in boss chests will be much better. You can also cast right before going into the arena after betting on a team and your fighter will have a lot more health than his opponent.

Charm: Charm 100pts/3-5secs, cast this on anyone you want to talk to and they will have an automatic 100 disposition towards you. If you have a low fine(1-500) you can cast this on guards and they will remove the fine for you free of charge or having your stolen goods removed.

Super Haggle: Charm 75pts/2sec+fortify merchantile 75pts/2sec, not only does this give you VERY good prices, but you can also give your merchant an extra 500 gold to barter with, something you normally couldn't do till your mercantile was 75.

Training spells: Really weak spells that can be cast on yourself. This makes lvling a lot faster and gives you a lot of control over it. Just make a really weak spell that cost 1pt to cast that you can cast on yourself. Avoid dmg or healing spells though, the later only raises your skills if your health/stat is low, and the former causes dmg. Examples.
Destruction, weakness to fire on self 3pts/1sec
Restoration, fortify magicka 3pts/1sec(this actually uses less than 1 magicka to cast because it keeps raising and falling)
Alteration, shield 3pts/1sec

I'll add more later... class.


Vampirism: Whats been said is good but I'll add a tidbit. Make the above charm spell, better yet make 2. Now even when your in the last stage of vampirism you can just cast the above spell and the person will like you enough to talk to you. Its a huge game saver, as anyone will talk to a vampire as long as their disposition is at 100 . Also if you get the deepscorne hollow plugin there is a room with an easy way to cure vampirism in it. Just grab these purgeblood salts and then use the alter in the middle, instant vamp cure .

Alchemy: As noted this lvls incredibly fast. There is a cure however, if you want alchemy as a major skill.. don't. Set it as a minor skill then buy all the food in the market district of the Imperial city. Make a bunch of restore fatigue potions out of them and then by the time your done your alchemy will be as high as if you made it a major skill without all the hassle. Another good trick is to go to Skingrad, pick all the grapes outside and then buy food to mix with the grapes to make an easy 90+ potions.

Nice potions

Dmg Health, Dmg magicka, paralze, fire dmg
Harrada, spiddal sticks, milk thistle seeds, anything with fire dmg(except imp gails)

The above only with silence instead of paralyze
Harrada, spiddal sticks, vampire dust or rice, anything with fire dmg

Restore health, restore magicka, shield, dmg health(but the restore is stronger so it won't effect you), fortify something... can't remember
can't remember the ingredients but it was a REALLy nice potion.

Atronach tips: The atronach is VERY hard to play, but for a mage is by far the most powerful sign you can use. I like to mix it with the Dunmer because you can get an easy 100 resistance to fire then use any fire casting enemy, fire turret(in oblivion) or mines to raise your magicka.

Other tips, set alchemy as a minor skill and raise it as fast as you can, I would go rom town to town buying all the food and making potions. While your doing this keep all the following ingredients you see at shops.
Flax, steel blue ____ caps, bog something(their yellow and have restore magicaka as a stat), water hy____(its a flower that weights .1), and blue berries. The first 3 have restore magicka as the first stat and the others have it after you get your alchemy really high.

Now get all the alchemy tools, and with your high alchemy skill make lots of restore magicka potions and set them as a favorite. These potions are now your lifeline. When you cast spells as the atronach your magicka doesn't go back up so when it gets low just use a potion. These potions will also bring you back to full magicka much faster than if you just waited, plus in heavy combat you can use 2, 3, ect to make your magicka raise at extremely fast rates .

You can just play as the atronach and just make potions as you need them instead of boosting your alchemy first, but playing as the atronach won't be as big a hassle this way. I've tried it both ways, and both were fun.

Now finding the appropriate ingredients can take awhile if you don't know where to look. So here are some helpful hints for finding hordes of the ingredients.

Organized in order of whats most common:
Flax: West of Skingrad, you can find this pretty flower everywhere, and many along the road between Skingrad and Kvatch. Just on that road you can easily collect 100 seeds. Flax makes a great main ingredient in potions since its the easiest to find, so just mix all the others you find with the flax.

Steel blue ____ caps: These can be found in many locations but in small amounts. The highest concentration are along the northern road on your map that goes from Chorral and intersects with the road going to Bruma. Don't get discouraged at first, most of these are near the middle of this road. You can easily collect 50+ in this area.

Blueberries: shops, pretty easy, but you need a 75 in alchemy before these are useful

Water hy___ ___: along water... not to hard. They are the big tall flower looking thigns coming out of the shallow water, normally surrounded by those lilly pad looking things(which make great dmg health potions).

Bog ____: Big yellow plant, only found in the swamps near Leyawin. Not very common but one of the best ingredients. Mix this baby with flax and you get a potion that wieghts .1 and gives you restore magicka and shield. Perfect combat potion for any mage.

Once your alchemy is 100 flax is all you'll need since 1 peice of flax equals a potion, and its the easiest to rack up on. So once your alchemy is 100 you'll just need to make weekly trips to skingrad, not to much to ask for since your getting +150 magicka and 50% spell absorbtion.
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

Training spells: Really weak spells that can be cast on yourself. This makes lvling a lot faster and gives you a lot of control over it. Just make a really weak spell that cost 1pt to cast that you can cast on yourself. Avoid dmg or healing spells though, the later only raises your skills if your health/stat is low, and the former causes dmg.
Thats cantripping in a nut shell. (haven't got a clue where i got the name from)
And as for the fire damage and restoration is concerned, just damage yourself and then heal!

Also, you can continue to heal yourself with full health

Not bad stuff to be fair. (but nowt new to me )

I suppose your tactics would work better for a mage - theres alot of high-end spells being used
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

What high end spells. All of those can be used by someone with magic skills of 25. Also forgot a few.

Feather -feather 100pts 120sec, still only need an alteration of 25, just make several of these spells and you can carry any amount anywhere. Just remember you'll need to cast the spells a lot if your carrying a lot.

The ones below require higher than 25 magic skills.

Also weakness effects in spells work nice. Weakness to magicka also boosts other weakness to magicka and weakness to .... spells so you can make enemies VERY weak to things very fast. I use a basic spell for about everything, cost 35pts to cast and kills pretty much everything in 3 shots.

Fire dmg 30pts, weakness to fire 100%/5sec, weakness to magicka 100%/5sec on target.

The first shot does 30 dmg, the second shot does 90(30+30+30), and weakness to magicka boosts both weaknesses and the dmg so the third shot does somewhere between 150 and 270dmg, not completely sure, but still powerful. All I used(haven't played in awhile) were spells like this, a couple shock versions, frost versions, touch versions, ect.

Also for groups of enemies...

The Void- weakness to shock, weakness to frost, weakness to fire, weakness to magicka all 100%/5sec/15ft area. Cast that and then follow up with fire tempest, blizzard, or the storm version and watch all your enemies disapear.

Also when cast spells hold a weapon and hold block. It will make you cast spells much much faster. However it makes it hard to walk sideways or at angles, because you move at different speeds while blocking and not so it keeps jerking so its best when running backwards but very effective.

Also, you can continue to heal yourself with full health
Yea but it won't raise your restoration. You can heal yourself all day, you can cast cure disease all day, you can throw fireballs at trees all day, but it doesn't raise your skills. Restore health only raises restoration if your health actually moves, so not when its full, and destruction only works if it actually effects something. Trees don't count.

Also the reason I don't like dmging myself then healing is because I lean heavily towards destruction, so I like raising it without having to raise my restoration as well. When I make a mage destruction is at 100 before lvl 10, but restoration is still around 40.
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

oops! my mistake.

Ive kinda done this:

Seen that the defensive spells (shield, summon, ligh etc) go up and up, and applied it to the whole range of spell casting (like in morrowind).

My mistake.
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

one snealy trick i've found is this:

join the mages guild, (it helps to be able to cast a few spells from several schools) get one magic skill up to 100 (Illusion is a good one) and get a lot of magika.

now, when you are part of the mage guild you can create spells, so go up to the alter and create a spell you want (like damage 50 for 3 secs) this will probably require a destruction skill of 100 (which, we all know is hard to come by) BUT, if you combine it with a paralyze sell, or prehaps a invisibility on self spell, then the skill required will be illusion, so you can cast spells with effects you would not normally be able to

(using this trick i've made a spell that paralyzes & does 3 shock damage for 29 seconds, which is great!)
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Nightmares guid to Oblivion

You can do that with spells, I've even done it myself to make a spell that charms/fortifies mercantile illusion instead of restoration. However wether the spell is illusion or restoration depends on which half of the spell is more powerful, so that technique does have its limits.
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