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Gear of War- 2 really big pictures
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Default Gear of War- 2 really big pictures

Out in less than a week. I've stepped away from gaming some over the past few months as nothing has sparked my interest since Oblivion. I tried Saint's Row but it turned out to just be a rip off of GTA. It was GTA with smaller map, no bikes, no flying vehicles, and a mcuh better aiming system(the only good thing).

Gears of War however has sparked my interests. Its supose to be by far better than Halo. And for those of you who don't like Halo, its nothing like it. Its a TPS(third person shooter) but cover is very important and the way you move into cover makes it very comfortable, not like Perfect Dark where you have to hit the A button to move into cover. As soon as you approach cover you move into automatically. The aiming while in cover is somewhat like the aiming in Saint's Row where you just point anywhere and then the character moves into whatever position needed to fire at that point while still remaining as much in cover as possible.

Now being a TPS it had me skepical because I've never had an easy time with one of these except Saint's Row and its more like GTA than anything else. Gears is more like playing Halo or PD:Zero in third person. You move very quickly and using cover is very easy, and like PD:Zero your character only looks out of cover when your shooting, but unlike PD:Zero its easy to get into and out of cover quickly. In the trailers all you see is the main character rolling from cover to cover while shooting. You can even run along a long piece of cover(small wall) while shooting over the wall as you run, hard to explain and not very effective but fun to watch. From the trailers switching weapons and throwing grenades also seems easy, and for once the other guns your carring but not using can be seen on your character.

Graphics are austounding. Anyone who wants to critize the 360 I challenge you to after viewing Gears of War. If this is what kind of graphics the 360 games are pushing less than a year after the 360s release I can't wait to see what it produces in the coming years(including Halo3). I've also seen a few pictures of what Halo 3 is expected to look like and Gears is at least equal or better and is coming out over a year in advance.

Shooting out of cover

AI: I'll be able to tell you in 7 days if its really as good as expected, but from watching the trailers its pretty close. They claim the AI will play just like a normal team mate, moving in and out of cover and shooting at hostiles in a tacitcal fashion. Not your running into walls AI. The whole game is designed to be co-op, but the designers claim that the AI is good enough to where 3 AI team mates is as good as 3 human team mates.

40k related: Maybe its just me, but the Gears really look a whole lot like space marines, and the Locust drones(enemy basic trooped) look a whole lot like chaos marines. Almost makes me want to play as a Locust. The guns even have long chainswordssaws attached to them, great for cleaving enemies into which results in quite a lot of blood .

Chaos marines... I mean Locusts

Trailers and movies http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/7...91/vids_1.html
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Default Re: Gear of War- 2 really big pictures

well, they lok more like scouts than real marines. Or maybe Kasrkin?

Looks cool though
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Default Re: Gear of War- 2 really big pictures

I just beat it and those pictures and all the trailers and reviews really do it no justice. I was never a Halo-fanboy to begin with but this game blows Halo away.

Your health works alot like Halo where if you don't get shot it replenishes, but its no where near as forgiving as Halo. This game on easy you can take about as many shots in the open as Halo on Hard, so cover is extremely important. Also your basic enemies are not weaklings, there are no grunt or jackal equivilents, but they aren't quite as difficult as elites(well on the easiest setting for both games they are about the same so I don't know, havn't tried Insane yet), but unlike elites there are lots of them. Your super elite(gold elite for you halo fanboys) style enemy would be the theron guard, which do pose quite a threat, especially on harder settings where their weapon kills you instantly at rang if it hits you and still causes a nice explosion if it misses, and packs quite a punch up close(dual blades). Your basic enemy, the drone, doesn't have quite as much health as you, his basic gun is inferior to yours in accuracy(but better at dmg), he is very good at using cover, using grenades as well. There are weakling enemies that can only be compared to exploding attack dogs. No jumping however, but the degree of rolling and cover moves you can do more than make up for it in mobility. HtH takes some getting use to, but your basic weapon doubles as a chainsword... Khorn would love this weapon... there is loads of blood. One of my favorite parts they included are enemies that can only be killed certain ways, so outsmarting your opponent is important.

Tactics are important though. When I first started playing I figured cover and tactics were important but also knew I was on the easiest difficulty. I wanted to use the chainsaw really bad and kept trying to rush up to enemies(note while still using cover and flanking) and kill them. Unlike Halo and other games it is not forgiving at all even on the easeist setting. Oppps didn't mean to do that... means you die. I didn't want to roll that way... dead, I didn't see him flanking us.. dead, I can see the glow of that theron's(their elite warriors) gun... dead, the bezerker saw me... dead, %^%^# I jumped into cover when I wanted to keep running... bezerker lunch.

Teamwork is huge. Beat it the first time with my friend, and teamwork was very important, especially against bezerkers(one of those enemies that can only be killed certain ways). Flanking makes a huge difference, and you can use the enviroment on many levels to your advantage. Shooting out lights for instance proves lethal on one level .

The story is great up to a certain point. It is very obvious the game was supose to end at one point and to make it longer they pulled the rest out of their D'yi. After that point it is extremely poorly written. I guarantee everyone who plays this will suddenly at one point go... why am I on a train, how the ___ did I get here and why... I'm so confused!

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Default Re: Gear of War- 2 really big pictures

This game and Assassin's Creed make me want to run out and buy a 360.
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