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snotzoggas eavy ittas
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Default snotzoggas eavy ittas

hey guys i have made a 1500 pt list and could use some critisicm or advice for it
its themed around a big mek that utilizes his big gunz in battle, and his beloved deffdread along wit a core of 40 boyz as his entourage. as his ammo runs out quite frequently, he uses the abundant supply of grots around and sends them flyin into the enemies. however, to get all of these shooty gitz, bikers rush a head into battle and while the fighting is gettin fierce, red skull kommandoes outflank and make short work of any stationary firebases the opponent may have.

big mek
SA gun

cybork body

Nobz x 5
all have different wargear as to allocate wounds differently
cybork bodies

10 kommandoez
burna and snikrot

2 squads 20 ork boyz
a couple stikk bombs

10 gretchin

big gunz
2 zzap guns
full runts
4 additional krew

10 burnaz
in a looted wagon
armor plates
SB chukka
wreckin ball

Deff Dread
1 dread cc
1 burna

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