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accidental army
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Default accidental army

Part of this is just thinking outloud part is a feeling to get that sales add junk off the front forum page (we need at least 1 mod to smack that stuff to where the junk belongs). Anyway i love modelling and when I got back into 40k I built a Tau force but my wife couldn't decide what she wanted to play. She loved the look of the Eldar but loved the fluff, comedy and simplicity (as she saw it) of the orks. So i started building her small armies in both so she could try them. Well i love modelling so kept playing with ork boyz and stuff for fun and entertainment. Recently she asked me just what all we had there while she was standing in front of the shelf the orks are stored on. So for the fun of an army thought here is the small green tide and have build without thinking of it.

Boss w/ power claw and twin linked shooter as well as boss pole and similiar stuff along with extra armor bits added on...

Nobz full squad of ten with a doc and 5 extra nobz.

2 full mobs of 29 boyz with choppas and sluggas (2 with big shootas and 1 with rokkit launcha) as well as a nob for 60 models

1 mob of 29 boyz with choppa, slugga and stick bombs (3 with big shootas) with nob for 30 models

1 mob of 29 boyz with shootas (1 with big shootas and 1 with rokkit launcha) and a nob with big shoota for 30 models

1 mob of 30 gretchins with 3 handlers for 33 models

a total of a ton, to me, of models (169 models)

Additionally she bought a salamander SM rhino from ebay for like $3 for me to make her a loota so i equipped it with 6 IG mortar tubes combined together into 1 weapons system on top of it to be the big artillery option for the lootas so the force has some fire support. So I guess 170 models total so far and waiting for me to get bored to expand again. Any thoughts, she was thinking of having me add another mob of gretchins to act as a body shield witht he other mob to run forward with the boyz behind them to close in on the enemy. Any thoughts?
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