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Input Please
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Input Please

I had played the game years ago and took an extended break. I am getting back in and want to go with none other than the ork army. I see alot of good ideas and tactics for several variations of armies all which seem effective in their own right. I was just curious wat you guys thought about an army, obviously a high point army, that combined all aspects. Reading about Ghazghkull its my understanding his backround was bringin all the clans together. I thought about applying this idea to the army i am going to make combining all clans and battle styles fighting under the same banner once again. All fighting for Ghazghkull Thraka. Lemme know wat you guys think and any and all suggestions would be awesome.
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Well, in my opinion orks armies work with with just loads of boyz and a HQ. I know because I've seen and fought and army like that...I lost
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Kroot Warrior
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i was going to do a smiliar list, but with mainly boys fightin under different banners. imo if your usin thraka just use loads of boyz. hes too expensive to combine other elements into the equation, and his waaagh feature is incredible for boyz chargin the field. just to make your oppenent mad, fit in mad dok and give the boyz cybork armor. haha
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