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The Shokkattack Gun - Worth the risk?
Old 13 Aug 2010, 16:23   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default The Shokkattack Gun - Worth the risk?

I am unsure whether or not to buy a Big Mek with a Shokkattack gun. Half my Ork-playin' friends say that they are a waste of points as they are liable to just muck around a bit before exploding or getting themselves killed, while the other half say that they are a key hard-hitting unit.

While the pros say that you should stick a unit of boys with the Big Mek incase he fires himself into combat, the cons say that if he blows up he'll be taking a whole unit with him.

While the pros say that the Shokkattack Gun is ideal for destroying infantry and tanks alike, the cons say that is may well be your infantry and tanks being blown sky high.

I have completely no idea whether or not to buy one, and I'm not prepared to spend 18 only to never use the model, so If people could give me some advice that would be great.

Thanks, KTKK
Can't da Orks an' 'Oomies just... get along?
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Old 25 Aug 2010, 13:34   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: The Shokkattack Gun - Worth the risk?

Really great fun in friendly games Put him as far away as you can,
preferably as high as possible. 19 Gretchin and a runtherd attached to him
this pretects him from the stray las kannon shot.
In a serious game a battlewagon or another 20 boys is most times much better.
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Default Re: The Shokkattack Gun - Worth the risk?

Obis has got it. When playing competitively, you want to know how your army is going to work at all times, you don't want someone blowing themselves and half the board up by accident. When you're playing friendly, it'll be brilliant fun, and in apocalypse where points don't matter, it's great. But when it get's serious, you want a bit more ork for your money.
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