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Ork Battlewagon loadout
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Ork Battlewagon loadout

I'm just starting orks and I want a battlewagon to transport a squad of 10 nobs and a warboss into combat then create as much havoc as I can. I want the deff rolla but i'm not sure about anything else?
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Default Re: Ork Battlewagon loadout

Look on the GW website.

That's what I do.
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Default Re: Ork Battlewagon loadout

Mine usually run something like this:

Armor Plates
Deff Rolla
Big Shoota
Red Paint Job

Totals 130 points. It's a nice reliable transport that will get you where your nobz are going and then start deff rolling things. In case you're wondering the big shoota is mainly there to make sure that any "weapon destroyed" results that your opponent rolls will not turn into "immobilized" instead.
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