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da warboss needs elp from u umies elp me?
Old 30 Jun 2010, 12:42   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default da warboss needs elp from u umies elp me?

i need help to make an army i dont have the details but

my hq is a warboss with powerclaw and bospole and eavy armour and a twin linked shoota

my elites are a 2 squads of 8 lootas

nobs 1 w/ bossspole and powerclaw
2 w/ big choppa

also 2 squads of 2 burna boys


2 squads 30 chopa boys w/ nob bospole and powerclaw

1 squad of 11 shoota boys in trukk

fast attk

6 def kopttas


1 battle wagon grots rein4ced ram zapp gun and ard case and big shootas

1 deff dread 3 cc wepons and 1 burna

1 looted wagon killakannon

can u tell me wat i should give em or wat i should add i wanna get a 200 pts list
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Old 30 Jun 2010, 13:00   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: da warboss needs elp from u umies elp me?

Let's see what you can do with them. Assuming your pointage is at 2000.

In games around 2000 points, I feel you must have a Big Mek at the ready, Kustom Force Field especially.

You should equip your Warboss with an attack squig and cybork body. I figure a twin-linked shoota can be a waste and I take kombi-skorcha for mine, the S5 AP4 hit is very deadly while you're gonna assault.

I run Lootas preferably at around a unit of 10. You're gonna roll morale checks once you lose 2 if you got 8.

Nobs are good with a painboy in it, and some ride. But as a note,I think you should let us know what kind of theme or tactics you are going for. Speed freaks, mech, kan heavy,etc.

By taking a warboss, the Nobs will be a troop choice, hence you may like to have a mob of Burna boyz in a some ride. Burna boyz in battlewagon can be very deadkilly.

As for them boyz, I tend to field 20s instead, while 30s can be overkill but pretty hard to get rid of, but I like to have more mobs than singular bigger mob. Anyways, they're good but I go for shootas any day. I'm okay with Trukkboyz but probably not shootas, give them sluggas better, unless you're doing a driveby shooting.

Awesome, I love Deffkoptas, have a squad of 3 and deck them out with rokkits to give some armor busting capabilities. I'm going with Will here, have another mob of Deffkoptas or even 1 to outflank, maybe with buzzsaws or bigbomms if you're fighting gun-lines.

I'm not sure about your battlewagon, need to know if you're gonna use it to shoot or transport, but zzap guns is kinda a waste of the weapon slot in my opinion. If it's for transport, I just give them deffrollas, a big shoota or two and red paint.

Your Deffdread is good, the configuration is killy.

I'm assuming your looted wagon is the boomwagon (with boomgun). Give it a 'ard case and a ram, in case you roll a 1 on "Don't press dat!" rule and tankshock something.

Try posting a better complete list so we can critic it. Goodluck!
"Failure is a weakness of the enemy."
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Default Re: da warboss needs elp from u umies elp me?

vvv2233, please try and make use of punctuation, capital letters and properly spelled out words, IE: you, not u.
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Old 30 Jun 2010, 14:24   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: da warboss needs elp from u umies elp me?

Wow, that's a great run down Dobb!

Your warboss is good, although I agree that an attack squig and cybork is too good to miss.

Your nobz squad is very small. 3 nobs won't last very loong, I would recommend increasing the size of the squad, and introducing the painboy it will make them CC beasts. I would also give them 'eavy armour and cybork bodies.

Lootas, I would at least through in a model with a big shoota if you have one spare or you can make, the extra model will mean 3 have to die to take a morale test.

The boys are good, although as Dobb said, squads of 20 are usually better, and easier to manouvre in your deployment zone.

Trukker boys are awesome! Shootas will be good, as although you lose an attack in CC, you do have the chance to do more damage by shooting before you charge!

Deffkoptas = insane. Use a 5 kopta squad and a lone one to outflank, with a buzzsaw. The buzzsaw is great for tanks, and a surprise attack can be really useful.

Looted wagons with boomguns are great! Most players think orks can't shoot, use this to show them they can!

One thing is, I gotta disagree with Dobb on, is that a Mek w/ KFF is not necessary, although it would be helpful.

- Will
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Old 20 Feb 2011, 02:58   #5 (permalink)
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What about Killa Kans???
The Enemy's Gate Is Down
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The Orks derive much of their success from their reproductive process: Orks are, essentially, ambulatory psychosensitive fungi. One advantage is a shortage of vital organs, making them able to easily survive events such as head transplants and the fact that it's not easy to kill an individual Ork since they could very well survive injuries that would put a human to a crippled state. Another advantage is their ability to grow larger as they win more battles (due to the aforementioned psychosensitivity).
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