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Ghazzkull and Snikrot
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Default Ghazzkull and Snikrot

Hello Fellow Orcs,

I just started playing Warhammer and got my 2nd game on my belt with my first Victory. It was a 3v3 1000 per army point game and on this game I bought and use Ghazkull Traka for my HQ. In my group of friend all except me and another(he's necron) are either Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine.

Im the only one who is Orky and theyve never played an Orc Army and damn do they hate Ghazkull now. Just to make a quick recap of the game. I rush the bridge seperating half the table With my Battlewagon wich it had in it Ghazz, 10 Nobz and rest boyz and just own the Necrons and Chaos Space Marine who stood in there way.

And all of those little $$%%#holes work together so when a games comes up they all plan everything and im left all alone
But the one thing I have on my side is that I love reading. I can spend all day reading the rule book, codex and forum and I learn fast.

Heres now my question. While I was reading the Codex I was reading Boss Snikrot and his Ambush rule. It says that Snikot and his unit can be held in reserve and when available can enter via any table edge. So if I attached Ghazz with Snikrot and his Kommandos can he enter vvia ambush since Snikrot gives this ability to all his unit.

Ive rered the rules and thers seem to be nothing that prevents it from happening so im thinking its a lega but very jerk move to do. But since there my friend who cares>
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Default Re: Ghazzkull and Snikrot

Oh yes, it is legal and nothing prevents you from doing that. But of course, your opponent now have the Emperor-given right to kick your dyi so high up, you will taste rubber every time you swallow. In addition to the Dread-socking you're suppose to suffer.

EDIT: Here's some of the threads that talk about this issue:
1) http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,94265.0.html
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Default Re: Ghazzkull and Snikrot

Oh thank you!!! Im not planning to do this all the time but jsut to let them think to never underestimate the Orks. I was thinking of using it against my best friend who dosent like to fight up close and stays behing and shoot, hell get a nice surprise when a Waaaggh is coming from behind.
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Default Re: Ghazzkull and Snikrot

Can you use Ghazkulls waaagh on the turn they rock up if he is with the Snikrot unit?
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