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What to do with what I have
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Default What to do with what I have

So basically I tried playing the game about a year ago, I got assault on black reach, Now I stopped going because, I ran out of money and the GW shop was a far bit away and to get a bus there was ok, getting one backhome I didn't enjoy.

Well, I may be going to uni in september, and I might start again if there is a GW near by. Anyhow this is what I have left of my Ork army

16 boyz with melee weapons, 2 with bigh shootaz

4 Nobz

3 Lootaz and a Mek with a kustom mega blasta (all from the same boxset, I have a 4th loota but it's broken).

As well as the Ork Codex and the AOBR rulebook, I have the warhammer rule book but, I don't think i'll be able to use it.

Anyhow can I feild this ramshackled unit? (with some additions) or is it best to start from scratch? I'm thinking of getting another AOBR set to fill out my force.

Anyhow opinions are welcome friends
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Default Re: What to do with what I have

Another black reach and a painboy would be the way I'd recommend.

First of all you need the HQ that comes in Black Reach. Second of all, the deffkoptas are awesome. You then will need some more boyz just to fill out a bit more, and get some more scoring units. The Nobs from black reach can count as having Big Choppas and a squad of 9 as a troop choice is just deadly. If the people you play with don't mind, also give them Cybork and Heavy armour for your army list, although this is not on the models. With the Nob's I recommend getting a painboy, FNP is a great thing to have on your side.

So at the moment you do not have a legal army, so you need a HQ and another troop choice. The Black Reach set is a great way to get this, and what ever you do with the SM half is up to you. It will also give you some more Nobs, of which one can go into each squad of boys leaving you with 7 to form a big squad. I would then recommend a painboy to go with the Nobs, this creates a really powerful unit.

Lastly after that I would consider a trukk to transport the Nobs or some bikers. Maybe the battleforce if you have the money.

Hope this is helpful and not to illegible.

- Will
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Default Re: What to do with what I have

I agree on the Black Reach box. As for the marines, a few extra bitz could turn the dread into a deff dread and the termies into mega-nobz. Even the marineboyz could be converted into 'ard boyz. That's if you can't find someone to swap/buy them. The great thing about ork conversions is they're SUPPOSED to look cobbled up.
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