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Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas
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Default Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas

On a lot of ork lists I see on this site, a lot of the Killa Kans all have grotzookas. I was just wondering why these are used instead of rokkit launchas. I generally play against IG that has lots of tanks so I always put rokkit launchas on mine hoping the BS3 would be able to do something while charging. The grotzooka is great for taking out his troops though if I can get them out of their tanks. Thx
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Default Re: Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas

From what I read on the various battle reports, the grootzooka lists tend to have other tank busting options. The kans with rockets lists, those lists the kans are the focus of cracking open transports and vehicals for the most part.
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Default Re: Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas

Grotzookas - They fire 2 templates each at a high enough strength to instant death most IG men. This level of firepower is very fearsome, 6 templates from 3 kans, they also get -3" to their devitation. They are not very effective against tanks.

Rokkits - These are used as Bs3 rokkit launchers, you get 3 shots from a squad of 3, of them about 2 will hit. Therefore many people prefer tankbustas for their higher strength tank busting as you can have more shots, even though they are Bs2. More shots = more damage.

Personally I would go with 3 grotzookas and use tankbustas or lootas to take on tanks from range, although don't expect them to be always effective, the best way for me to take out a tank is still in CC with a PK.

- Will
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Default Re: Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas

As has been said, grotzookas are brutal are tearing up infantry, including Marines - force enough saves and they fail them. We get no other weapon like it and it does what it does well. Rokkits though you can get easily enough and if you take Kannons then you get them at BS3 there too. Many of us will have some ranged armor busting options but as Fire at Will stated, the mighty PK is still king for busting armor so anything we do at range is a bonus and not counted on.
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Default Re: Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas

Mainly people choose the zookas tanks to its potential firepower. I have rokkits on all 15 of my deffkoptas, that normally kills the vehicles, normally... So does a powerclaw.
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Default Re: Grotzookas vs Rokkit launchas

I take grotzookas on all my kans for a couple reasons. Its the only place you can get that weapon, it is totally devastating to any infantry it hits, and I mean any, in a pinch you can use it to take out light vehicles. The kan can also open up tanks with its claw, but that's not its main purpose; killing troops is. For taking out tanks I use trukk rokktis, power claws, tankbustas, koptas, and deffrollas.
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