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Multi wound models in CC
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Multi wound models in CC

Hey all. Played a game with my orks against tyranids yesterday, and Im unsure if we did the CC correct. I had a nob squad with my warboss against 3 carnifexes. Carni is strength 9 or 10, so they instant kill my nobs. Well i ended up doing about 6 wounds to his carnifexes, and he did six wounds to me, killing 6 nobs. So he said I lost combat by 6 so only had a leadership test of 3. Is this correct? Yes the nobs in total had 12 wounds, but he only inflicted 6 wounds. I didnt question it at the time, and my squad ran away and got decimated, but now im wondering if this was correct. Thanks for the clarifications!
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Default Re: Multi wound models in CC

He was right.

When you ID a character (or they ID themselves from drug overdose and other reasons) their wounds they had remaining before they died are counted towards combat res. Hence if a warboss was hit by a dreadnought once, thats -3 to your ld. If he was already down to 1 wound though, it is -1.

Also funny when Captain Al'rahem rolls very lucky against a trygon and gets a wound. Thats -6 right there

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Default Re: Multi wound models in CC

Page 39, under Determine Assault Result: 'Note that wounds that have been negated by saving throws or other special rules that have similar effects do not count, nor do wounds in excess of a model's Wounds characteristic, only the wounds actually suffered by enemy models (including all of the Wounds lost by models that have suffered instant death.). The emphasis is mine.

Your opponent was correct. Though he only caused 6 wounds, you lost 12 wounds, and as such did lose combat by 6.

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Default Re: Multi wound models in CC

Insta-kill for the win eh! :

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Default Re: Multi wound models in CC

These guys answered correctly, but the bigger question is why were your nobs and warboss fighting 3 carnifexes? :sadnshocked: Keep them away from things that instakill them, and go after the gaunts, zoanthropes, hive guard, lictors, biovores......etc.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Multi wound models in CC

Thanks all. Missed page 39, was just looking at the leadership test part and it was vague. I didnt want to charge the 3 carnifexes, but with my army i dont really have anything else to throw at them. If I throw boys at it, i need 6's to wound, and only the power claw is going to be really effective. With the nobs I had 6 uge choppas, wounding on 3's, and two power claws. Plus I got to go first, except for the power claws. I ended up taking two of them down with the maneuver, (two wounds from the battle wagon), but I would have had to throw 3 or 4 other units at them to be as effective, and there were a lot of other baddies to deal with. Thanks again, Ill keep that in mind next time and try something different.
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