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Default dakkawing?

I just had one of the most amusing ideas for a ork list, we are all familiar with the the nob biker list. However i have a amusing idea of using a ork list which use alot of ork bikers but only focuses in shooting cause tl dakkaguns and using the bike boss so i can take them as troops.

my main strategy is using lootas to blow up transports the biker boyz then mow down any thing that comes out then assulting. If a big cannon tank comes along i pop it with a power klaw

what do you guys think will such a fluffy list work?
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Default Re: dakkawing?

Would be cool to see on the field but not sure of the potential to win games. I would run with a few groups of deffkopta's too I think, bikes that can fly and can help pop armor a bit more reliably. Would still be fluffy with the koptas IMO.
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Default Re: dakkawing?

Remember wazdakka has a S8 dakkagun, much better at AT than even lootas. This can help you well.

I would personally take some grot artillary, for example 3 zzap guns (90 points) or 5 kannons (100 points) which will provide you with some AT firepower that hits on 4+ and not 5+. The Zzap gun is much better at taking out heavy armour, but it is unreliable and dangerous...just the way orks like it!

Otherwise, you could invest in a boomgun wagon. S8 ordanance (2d6 armour pen pick highest) will hurt most tanks too.

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Default Re: dakkawing?

It might be worth using a squad of Nob Bikers as well. My full list has three units of regular Warbikes (and Wazdakka) plus a unit of Nob Bikers and a Warboss. The nice thing about the Nobs is that they tend to draw all of the firepower away from the regular bikers. And if the nobz get bogged down, the Warbikes are fast enough to bail them out. They are also much cheaper, so you can use small units as objective-grabbers without wasting a lot of points by holding them back from the main fighting.
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