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Killa Kan base size
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Default Killa Kan base size

Quick question: I don't own any ork walkers but I have a plastic space marine dreadnought. I used it a lot to sub in for my ork walkers. I know the deff dread has the large base but I didnt know about the killa kan models. The ork codex has pictures of sample armies and in the Big Mek army example it shows deff dreads with large bases and the killa kans next to it with smaller bases (the size for HQ's and meganobz). Now I'm looking at the new Killa Kans and Deff Dreads on the website and they both say they come with a 60 mm base. Is this a change or was it always this way? Thanks.
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Default Re: Killa Kan base size

I think it had to do with forced perspective, but otherwise, the Kanz always come with a 60mm.
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Default Re: Killa Kan base size

Kans used to be the 40mm bases but the new Kans are now on 60mm bases. Since the new ones are on 60mm bases then that would be the correct size going forward.
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Default Re: Killa Kan base size

what about people with old 40mm kan bases with attatched Kans? are they now illegal?
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Default Re: Killa Kan base size

Technically speaking they are but I don't think anyone is really going to have an issue with it. On the plus side it's easier to go to a larger base than reduce the base size. You can just glue a 60mm one under the 40mm one and you're done.
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Default Re: Killa Kan base size

I think you are grandfathered in. The rules state that models must be based on the bases that came with them. It is not like Fantasy where some units have a proscribed base size that dramatically influences their capabilities. But in 40k, if you bought the models when they came on a smaller base, you are fine with using that. Or you can use the base size of the most recent version. But you are never forced to go back and change an old model. Terminators are a good example.
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Default Re: Killa Kan base size

I have a 3rd ed metal Kan, repackaged for 4th/5th, that uses a 60mm base. The new plastic ones also obviously use 60mm. If there was ever a 40mm Kan I take it it was... very old? :P
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