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lootas vs. Burna boyz
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Kroot Shaper
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Default lootas vs. Burna boyz

Are lootas actually worth the buy? i dont like the fact that they cary heavy wepons, and cant move and shoot at the same time. Would burna boyz be better?
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Default Re: lootas vs. Burna boyz

Short answer, yes but it depends on the rest of your army as the two units fill entirely different roles. Lootas are great at taking out light transports, killing infantry, wounding monstrous creatures, and wrecking walkers. If you are taking lootas have at least 10, because their firepower is negated by having small squads and they are easier to break. Large squads are more expensive but I take 10 in 90% of my lists. Also, don't upgrade any to meks, just have as many lootas as you can afford.

Burnas are best at taking down massed infantry that are bunched up, which works on anything from a 2+ to a 6+ save. This works especially well when you have them in a transport and tank shock a unit into a tight bunch and then cause 40+ autohits on the unit. They work wonders against nasty cc units like genestealers and howling banshees. They don't need to be taking in as large a squad as lootas, but you have to factor in the cost of a transport. I routinely take 6-10 in a looted wagon and they usually do well.

Build at least ten of each unit, and then bring the one you need to fill their particular niche. If you need to kill dreads, bring the lootas. If you need to burn kroot out of the woods take burnas.
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Default Re: lootas vs. Burna boyz

Well if you only want one of them as there are other very cool elites in the Ork codex then:
If you most regularly face:

If you face Tau then lootas are an obvious choice. No saves for fire warriors and the greater range are good things. Burnas just will not be able to get to the tau lines effectively enough for my liking.

If you face Imperial Guard then it is a more difficult choice. Lootas are good for taking out light vehicles so that is good and they can penetrate a chimera. However the Burna allows no cover saves and no armour saves for those lucky imperial guardsmen and many other squads aswell. So if you play mech then I would probably recommend lootas and if they played platoon style then I would recommend burnas and some type of transport.

Against Space marines (loyalist or traitor) the lootas can be effective against scouts however this is a much smaller section of an army that may not be taken. However they can take down Rhinos and other light tanks they may play. Burnas can be great against terminators as either power weapon in combat or just a mass of templates over their heads, enough wounds and their save will not protect them >.

Necrons I would have to say burnas all the time, the lootas just do not have reliably the quantity of shots to take down warriors as they do not have a low enough AP, also lacking the strength to take out a monolith. Burnas can put their templates on squads, once again quantity of dice can stop good saves or as you will be striking first you can use them as power weapons to get rid of those saves completely.

Against Tyranids lootas have firepower to take out squads such as genestealer s they are in small quantities and high enough strength to hurt MC's, they can also do this from a reasonable distance which means for me they are better than burnas as to use the burnas effectively you will need to be close and will definatly be charged in the next turn and loose that squad.

Against Eldar (dark ones also) the lootas have the AP to remove the save of most squads and a high enough strength to penetrate their tanks, and skimmer and can cause instant death to most squads, and also the ability to hurt Wraithguard and wraithlords reasonably well. Once again I feel that the burnas lack the range to do much harm as they have reliable shooting and also the Eldar that are wounded will be taking saves therefore meaning that they will not be as effective as lootas.

So for me I would pick the lootas for their ability to turn their shots against both light vehicles and most infantry and kill them reliably however against deep striking terminators and platooned imperial guard I feel burnas would be more reliable.

So I would say lootas are the better choice as they are the most effective 9 times out of 10. However I would recommend getting at least a squad of ten as in my opinion this is when they are at their most effective.

W o K
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 31
Default Re: lootas vs. Burna boyz

i verse mostly tau. My biggest problem witht them though is that when i move, he will rip me apart with the fire warriors, and i wont even get to fire with them becuase the lootas have heavy weapons.
Orkses Never lose a battle. If we win we win, if we die fightin so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!
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Default Re: lootas vs. Burna boyz

Lootas seem to work very well with big foot-slogging Ork armies. The Lootas have good range, so they just stand way in the back and offer fire support. With a few 30-boy mobz closing in, many players will ignore Lootas in hard cover in favor of thinning the big mobz a bit.

Burna Boyz, as Scoutfox noted, basically need a transport. Preferably a Battlewagon. Because of how Open-topped works, you can place the template once and then just multiply by the number in the unit. Since you can use a Tank Shock (with a Deffrolla giving you some good quality hits) to bunch up an enemy unit along one side of the Battlewagon, you can easily get upwards of 100 Strength 4 hits this way against a larger unit. Or if you are up against something with good armor but low Initiative (Terminators or Necrons, for instance), you can tear them apart with Power Weapon attacks on the charge.
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Default Re: lootas vs. Burna boyz

In this argument, I can safely vouch for Lootas.

Granted, they can't be as shooty as Tau or as devastating as a Heavy Weapons Team with Auto-cannon. Though I think this should be more onto how you deploy your Lootas. From my perspective, they can be a great addition if you know where to place them outright and having your mobs move along the covering fire.

Khanaris is right on this, many people wouldn't risk not to shoot at a bunch of eager killy mob than some shooty unit 48" away.

Due to their BS, I think we can also say you need alot of Lootas to compensate your accuracy, their firepower is not to be questioned at all.

Burnas however, is something I have yet to touch upon, they seem as tempting (Why GW to make Lootas and Burnas in a same set!?) .Either power weapon or template weapon, but again, those wouldn't make a difference if you can't approach them. However, if you're playing in a heavy city/ruin areas, go for it, they'll make it for the lack of range for anti-cover and template.
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Default Re: lootas vs. Burna boyz

The best kept secret is the heavy Loota list. Lootas will not win you the game but they will provide the support allowing you to win the game. The core of the list is

A squad of Nob Bikers and Boss
this squad is actually expendable. Really. It will get targeted first and that's okay. It's what it is there for

A squad of 30 shoota boys w/ cybork and Mad doc
This squad does the majority of the damage

A second squad of thirty shoota boys
this squad follows behind Doc and the boys

Two full squads of lootas
This is all the fire support you need to slow transports down

Lootas over burnas always in a mech world
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