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MANs or nobs
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Default MANs or nobs

currently i am having trouble choosing between MANs and nobs. on one hand MANs get free claw and 2+ armor. On the other hand there is nobs which is not effected by SNP but no free klaw but have cybork bodies and FNP. This lead me to add Grotsnikk which can provide with the invulnerble save and FNP. In the end mega armor nobs became cheapest of the choices..

what do you guys think about the issue
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Default Re: MANs or nobs

It's a bit of hard thing, as you don't get a lot of the Wargear options available to the regular Nobz with MANZ.
Also, if their ride gets popped, you'll learn the true pain that is "Slow and Purposeful."
Re: The Dok
Well, he's a bit of a mixed bag, as he has special rules that basically give him the Rage USR, and that's a bit troublesome, especially if you're putting him with the MANZ, as it limits your tactical options...

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Default Re: MANs or nobs

As an all around unit you'll find Nobs more effective. Regular Nobs can be given a 4+ armor save and a 5+ invulnerable save and FNP from the Painboy. Also their wargear options lets you mix them up for some fun wound allocation making them a pain to destroy outright. Plus, you can use sluggas & choppas and big choppas for some I4 attacks on the charge. Basically you can kit out Nobs to fit whatever you need them for.

MANs are fun but they have a few downsides. One being lousy leadership and no bosspoles so you need to put an HQ with them to keep them from running. As you know, they have no invulnerable save without Grotsnik, just the 2+ so they aren't a unit you want fighting power weapon heavy units, regular Nobs would suit that task better. However, Grotsnik does make them fearless and gets you cybork bodies. His special rule could be annoying, as BigToof is saying, it limits you a bit but if they're supported by other units then it should work out ok. For the most part I see MANs as a unit better suited for squishing soft units, again units that aren't full of power weapons or monstrous creatures. MANs are the unit you throw at a weak flank where Nobs are the unit you charge into the strong flank with.
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Default Re: MANs or nobs

can dok grotsnik ride in a vehicle? i think so right?
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Default Re: MANs or nobs

If he's attached to a unit that has a vehicle and still fits the transport capacity, then yes he can.
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Default Re: MANs or nobs

i think you should put in a couple of Meganobz, but because theyre so expensive, dont put in too many. It really depends on how big your army is, but i would go with more nobz, and a couple meganobz for a bodygaurd to your HQ, as bullet sponges for your boyz/nobz, and just to demolish any pesky heavy infantry there are.
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Default Re: MANs or nobs

Originally Posted by big mek metalgutz
can dok grotsnik ride in a vehicle? i think so right?
As per FAQ, he can, but the vehicle must move towards the closest enemy, and unload and assault if possible.
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Default Re: MANs or nobs

Nobs would be better overall, since you can give them varied weaponry so whatever you run into you can hurt.

MANs tend to work better as interference and fire absorbers, since the weapons that can reliably hurt them are the same that will be mostly shot at your vehicles.
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