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Battlefortress - Is it worth it?
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Default Battlefortress - Is it worth it?

I've always wondered, is the FW Battlefortress worth the money and the points? It is a great model, expensive though, and seems to pack quite a punch.

I haven't found a tactica thread for it or read about anyone using them, so...
What's the deal with it?

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Default Re: Battlefortress - Is it worth it?

You most likely don't see anyone using it, as it's a forge world model, expensive and you cannot be guaranteed to be able to use it in normal games. It's not that there is necessarily anything wrong with it, but your not bound to find too much in the way of forge world models used in games, unless they are already options in codex's or used to represent things in codex's.

Really, it's forgeworld. If you think it's cool buy it, but if your sole reason for buying it is to pump up your list, then don't. Thats not the reason forgeworld exists.
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Default Re: Battlefortress - Is it worth it?

It is basically just a larger Battlewagon. The Skullhamma pattern from Apocalypse has a bigger gun, but the design philosophy is the same. The Skullhamma is actually Fast, though, so it is definitely a better deal. In both cases it is mainly a way of getting 'ard infantry units close to the enemy quickly.

There is a "Custom" Battlefortress datasheet in the new Imperial Armour Apocalypse, but I haven't seen the options yet. I am hoping it will make my scratchbuilt crawler a little easier to use.
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