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Khornate Orks
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Default Khornate Orks

Would a warband (or a couple under a Warlord) be able to be swayed towards the worship of Khorne by some Chaos Space Marines?

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Default Re: Khornate Orks

Yes, and it wouldn't be all too difficult if the chaos guys can tempt them with enough dakka and 'urty things than their leader could as the orks like dakka.
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Default Re: Khornate Orks


Orks don't worship the weak and pathetic Gods of Chaos. They're too weedy and puny compared to Gork and Mork!

Of course, they are instances where Orks mistakenly worship Nurgle as Gork and/or Mork. If you want direct worship, no. If mistaken in identity, then yes.
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Default Re: Khornate Orks

Stormboys, with their 'childish' dedication to order and martial manoeuvres, may well be attracted to the less bloodthirsty side of Khorne.
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Default Re: Khornate Orks

Hmmm... red orks with horns. I like this idea.
And that's a penetrating hit to the rear. ... giggity!

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Default Re: Khornate Orks

The best "in canon" example of this I can think of would be Great Boss Tuska, who (in short) willingly went into the Warp to fight Daemons, and then was killed on a Daemon world.
The Daemon Lord then resurrects Tuska and his boys on a daily basis so they can fight and get slaughtered. The amusing thing is that instead of being horrified or depressed, Tuska and his crew actually like it.

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